RICHMOND: City needs new accounting officer ( Part 1 )

RICHMOND: City needs new accounting officer ( Part 1 )

Richmond News November 2, 2012


Perhaps it is time to find a new senior civil servant for Richmond.

The current Richmond senior, G. Duncan, has, in my opinion, forfeited his credibility in his recent lobbying efforts for the damnable Olympic oval. Read that as Owe-val, considering the amount it has cost us.

It is unseemly, as well as, questionable that the senior civil servant in Richmond should be an activist for the oval, to the extent that he is quoted as standing behind the business case for this pipe dream, and seemingly abrogating his primary responsibility to safeguard the financial interest of the City of Richmond.

This miserable side show is consuming more and more of the city’s assets, and when you consider the massive and increasing amount of funds devoted to this project, and the few residents who can afford to take part in membership, we have been well and truly hoodwinked into supporting this white elephant.

Mr. Duncan, decide where your duty lies. Either you continue as CEO of the oval, or as the CAO of Richmond.

In my opinion, the two positions are not compatible, and we, as citizens and taxpayers, are being held ransom by this misbegotten monstrosity.

As a museum, if this continues, we will join the uncounted number of cities that have a museum, and are obligated to continue a year after year subsidy to keep the doors open.

Enough already – either the oval pays it’s own way, or it must be closed, sold or demolished.

Terrence Murphy Richmond



No sooner did I read the story about the Abbotsford Taxpayers subsidizing a Hockey team, than I came across THIS “Letter to the Editor”.

As usual Mr Murphy is bang on.

As I noted in the Abbostford discussion, I explained the power structure at City Halls. IMHO, the UNelected CAO is for all intents and purposes more powerful than the given Mayor. I cannot even recall the last times a CAO was fired…..usually they either retire or get recruited to other cities.

As I have noted before….I have lived in Richmond for 50 + years. While IMHO Richmond is increasingly turning into a cold soul-less shithole , I do not think it is any coincidence that this decline started under the current bunch at City Hall…at the last major changing of the guard in the late 1990’s .

I still recall the New ($40+ Million) City Hall opened in 2000. All the Citizens heard about was that it was going to be built and an open house held  to show the design. I attended  and asked a Councillor “ How can this occur without a referendum “?…..given the norm was that such “one of” major  capital expenditures are of such a cost that they require ” borrowing “, thus incurred debt , as Local Gov’t are not permiited to run deficits. Thus, to fund such projects as a new City hall….this would , via past practice,.…require a Loan that must be approved by the Citizens via referendum.


The answer I got from this Councillor( who is still in office ) still resonates with me 15 years later….that the City does not need to borrow the money,(???) THUS no referendum is required.


Extrapolating this logic…..that means that City Hall can/will  plough ahead via exploiting a loophole and doesn’t give a shit about their own Citizens opinions and input. This may be a technicality they have found and exploited……BUT IT IS STILL BULLSHIT…..IT IS O-U-R MONEY NOT THEIRS….

If these City hall clowns had any decency, class and ethics they would have put the issue to referendum.

That said,…..w-h-e-r-e DID they get the money to build City Hall ? IMHO, this isue was the start of the downward “flushing” spiral.


( To Be Continued )

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