US Presidential Elections:(Predictions)

US  Presidential  Elections:

Time sure flies….as the US Presidential Election is next week Tuesday Nov.6 , 2012 ….5 days from today.

First up..I do not like either candidates.

I see Obama as a puppett…and a  very suspicious past. He is admittedly a great orator, but IMHO thats the first warning sign..very rarely is a great orator a “good” pro-active constructive politician. Orators are just polished salesmen with little substance, but are able to bamboozle people with slick words. Orators seem  to hold the general public spellbound…who often confuse and equate this “act” with true wisdom ,  depth of character who cares about their interests.

Romney originally had a Golden Boy image…successful guy who earned his fortune….However, more dirt comes out on him..he was a major slimeball who with his Firm ” BAIN Capital ” , which engaged in vulture/predatory capitalism. He and his cronies would target companies, buy stock, load them up with debt , take out huge bonuses… ie all sorts of financial chicanery …..effectively suck them dry , and the companies would close due to bankruptcy.  Cold blooded and ruthless….Many of these companies were in business for decades,and produced good products, but thousands were left unemployed in this orgy of greed..

Now….the view was that Obama was a shoe- in…Romney tended to be a windbag…and has been exposed as a greedy self – serving job killer,not the Free Enterprise job creating hope to help the US recover form its collapsing economy.

NOTE: **** IMPORTANT *****      Both Romney and Obama are certifiable ass -kissers to Israel.

However…..if one travels down the rabbit hole…….There is a famous quote by U.S. President Roosevelt who sayed ” Presidents are not Elected…….they are S-E-L-E-C-T-E-D “

In other words…the vote is a charade, the people’s choice is never really elected….the vested interests have their ” puppett pawn”  in place , the rest is smoke and mirrors.

So….What was Obama’s “role” for his handlers ? He literally came out of nowhere….and there are many questions about his past. The classic mystery man……or is that the way they like it…?  One starts to see a pattern….increasing psychopaths/sociopaths rising to the top…almost the # 1 requirement for office or any position of power . No real empathy…simply put on a show of giving a shit, ….faux compassion…but deep down detached from true motions. Also..lots of skeletons in the closet….dirt..blackmail….PERFECT Bill Clinton.   If people knew then what they know about Clinton now….but that’s the point….He has performed his role. Onto “next selection.

Duly note Obamas’ perfect timing in 2008…no apparent baggage…the poster boy for liberals ..the new representative face of America, ie a black person, anyone can grow up to be President..we shall overcome…..I still recall the “walk- on -water ……can do no wrong  messiah image”. IMHO…that was to blindside the people as the global economic collapse occurred in a literal over-nite fashion.. No sooner was Obama in office than the Wall Street Boys had him by the short hairs demanding Massive Bailouts or else.  He didn’t even have time to blink….the cheques were cut. Trillions of Dollars disappeared without any accountability. Whats Obama doing about it ? Nothing !!!!  His role is done

Now, the latest means to assure ” selection ” is apparently now the electronic voting machines (Google “DIEBOLD” ) which are programmed to produce the desired winner. It’s unbelievably crooked.

Question :So who do I predict will win ?

Answer : Not Obama….but Romney.

Why ? It is no secret that Romney is personal friends with War – Mongering Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu. Obama, as President is somewhat reticent to attack Iran…which royally pisses of Israel. Obama likely senses this would be a very bad move… and does not want to go down in history with such a legacy, thus will not blindly obey his master, unless this is simply another scripted charade.  Israel wants war ASAP…..NOW   .Israel has approx 400 nuclear weapons, yet fears if Iran has “ONE”.  Obama will simply move on to lecture tours,books… etc make Millions once out of office

Romney would come in as the new guy..again no major public baggage (though many know what he’s like a ruthless plunderer…) and likely jump into a war very soon ie invade Iran. But again…President are selected..not the system has chosen its puppett….set in motion a  programmed election fraud.

It may be announced as an “upset”, but matters not…..even the Bolshevik Communist say it matters not who votes, but who counts the votes. The entire matter is glove fit for History….as first economic chaos is created by  a few to benefit a few…….(Obama role) then a War to keep people occupied from the misery created ( create an enemy to hate) and “cull the herd”(Romney’s role ?)

We’ll see in 5 days , this Tuesday… way or the other.

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