Paul Fromm talks about censorship in Canada

Guest: Paul Fromm talks about censorship in Canada
This was an interview Ms. Spingola  had today.
(FYI this site edits out commercials, so you have a condensed version)
If you GOOGLE the name Arthur Topham, he is a person that lives near Quesnel BC, and had his home raided by the RCMP. He is a person who we call a ” Truth Seeker”……and like many of us with Blogs…wishes to submit the OTHER side to many issues…to ALL citizens regardless of race religion and creed… that people don’t swallow and absorb the Propogandized BS.
Americans, so far, are far more free to speak on controversial issues, while In Canada certain elements have co-opted this critical facet of a free and open society and manipulated Gov’ts into drafting very subjective laws and creating quasi -judicial tribunals.
In the words..if someone/anyone  is spewing Bullshit, …..Lying or …..”Yelling Fire in  Crowded Theatre”…I say let the General Public be the jury ……not the Police and Gov’t …… who generally have no reputation left anyway.    In fact, if Gov’t and the Police are involved, there is a much higher probability the prophet is speaking the truth.
Remember, the prophets have… historically ,…..been attacked by their own fellow citizens…often instigated by the powers that be and their lies/propaganda.
Solution: Use your own mind and discretion, and not be sucked in by the “Thought Police”.
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