Jesse Jackson ~”The Death of the Swedish People Should Not be Seen as Something Negative” ( Part 2

Jesse Jackson ~”The Death of the Swedish People Should Not be Seen as Something Negative” ( Part 2 )
From Part 1
” If you do not allow culture to be established ……Gov’t will fill the vacuum. This is not to imply that over time, that  there may not be a “melting pot”…ie immigrants become westernized…but even that needs scrutiny… westernization is another dynamic “.
Those of us who study this issue see a pattern. European based cultures have been under attack for decades. This is not discrimination or any feeling of superiority, it is simply f-a-c-t. This is not to say other nations and cultures have not been attacked per se  , but I wish to establish a focus.  The vested interests had their sites first set on Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution. That was out and out bloodthristy massacre, but of course how many even know about it ?  Why a massacre of millions…… as opposed to simply control to masses? Well many scholars point out the fact that Russia was a Christian country and the Bolsheviks found that to be a threat to be eliminated. Christianity can be deemed  a “culture” not so much race based, but a tie that binds like minded parties..a unifying force….not a  Gov’t creation.
This Bolshevik Revolution had full intention to sweep and enslave all of Europe, which of course can be considered an amalgamation of  mostly Christian Nations. The Bolsheviks didn’t attack nearby China..or India…or Africa…. aren’t you curious why or why not ? Or using a reverse argument, if Europe was 100% pagan or you think there would still have been a Bolshevik Revolution.    I do NOT.
If this premise is pursued, that Caucasian Nations must be broken down ie “cultures” binding forces….to be  genocided,….then what ? Like I said that binding culture could also be religion , its not necessarily race.
Lets use Richmond as an example: Again this is not racism ( geez I hate to have to say that ) ..its simply fact and observation. Richmond was settled over 150 years ago…..and I have lived here for over 50 years. The majority of the population was Caucasian, but it also had people of various other backgrounds. However, since 1986, the policy was clear to open the borders to expatriate parties from Hong Kong…and more recently China.  Within 25 years or actually less….the  demographics have flipped around dramatically, simply based on immigration.
Why was this allowed……? Well bluntly speaking..the Vested Interests were interested in the $$$$$ ( always follow the money )….and the Politicians had a core group  that could be “Jesse Jackson”ed. I am not saying this derogatorally, but from MY, I repeat MY  perch….I do feel like  a stranger in my own home City.  I am a perceived threat, a caucasian minority,…..,who does their homework ….I will be ignored…..because there is a path of least resistance to bypass my lousy single vote……ie ethnic voting blocks. No Bullshit…I have seen it…up close .
So what you may say ..too bad for you Mr Caucasian?
No not really.  Take this as a forewarning. Recall I used the word Westernization.  Westernization no longer equates with  a “modern  sophisticated society First World civilization”. It is actually the opposite. Westernization will require a revised will become a “Culture Killer”. The numerous Caucasian Cultures are being targetted to become extinct.  For Example: I am Caucasian of a certain ethnic background..and it is not Swedish.  I may “look” like them, but our cultures are there is no connection, so it is not race based discussion.
Hence Westernization is effectively “bait” to other cultures….a trap to drag them in and then down as well. If Western Culture is either exported or adopted by other cultures…what is being absorbed is a corpse…simply what’s left of what one was an actual amalgam of vibrant cultures. Certain values that are cross cultural ie Family Unit…Extended Family…Religions….other Traditional Values….are to be replaced by Stupid TV shows, Consumerism…Celebrities….Drugs. Sex….
Be warned : YOUR  culture is on THEIR radar screen its only a matter of time.
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