Jesse Jackson ~”The Death of the Swedish People Should Not be Seen as Something Negative” ( Part 1

Yeah I know,  pretty provocative and controversial…but what else is new on this blog? .
I try to create a fearless balance of very thought provoking items but not crossing certain lines .
So Jesse Jackson is in a country(ie Sweden) that has a strong stereotype of being predominantly populated  by blonde blue – eyed Caucasians. He appears to be preaching diversity, immigration etc……the old “Koom Bay Ya” etc.
First off….we are all equal….that’s  a is the fact we are all different. We should all be proud of our roots and culture…it shaped us….homage to our ancestors who blazed the path before us.
I also previously quoted composer Richard Wagner…who was of the view that is if you have a “culture” do NOT need Gov’t. Think about it….within a given culture people are often following UNwritten rules of how to act  within the demogrpahic group, and yes it is often based on race.  So ? That said, do we need Gov’t ?, or what purpose does Gov’t serve ?  Think about it….does Gov’t tend to intrude, be oppressive,controlling  actually fuel and foster friction…like we are on a leash….even moreso now ?
I read several blogs that discuss this race and immigration  issue from all angles.  I also continue to remind people to look at the Flip Side of every issue…….few if any things created by Gov’t and its Masters do not have some deeper agenda.
I didn’t place the title on the above YOUTUBE video, but it makes a point that often goes over many peoples’ heads.
I posted another video a while back where a lecturer used colored balls to represent immigration. His lecture was excellent given the easy to understand visual context. If immigration is sold as a means to help those in other countries….he shoots the argument down. He shows what a tiny drop in the bucket immigration is to fix this “problem”….and even worse, those that do emigrate are often skilled parties who the home country needs, but their exit exacerbates the brain drain and the 3rd world status – quo remains. In other words, these parties should remain in their own “NATIONS” and help to build the home  country up, which come full circle to building their pride and their culture..
Unfortunately people equate “National”- ism as Racist....and if it is racist it MUST be attacked. No actually that itself is racist and really a stupid argument. Flip Side time.
I hate to break it to you like this, but bluntly speaking, Immigration as a Gov’t Policy has be exposed to have a certain agenda. That agenda is simply to dilute divide and conquer the established population. Its Gov’t versus Culture. If you do not allow culture to be established ……Gov’t will fill the vacuum. This is not to imply that over time, that  there may not be a “melting pot”…ie immigrants become westernized…but even that needs scrutiny… westernization is another dynamic.
In Sweden…..many of us see it as being targetted to become another victim of cultural genocide. Immigration by Non – Swedes will, over time, dilute the culture to the point if extinction. Then it becomes weak, dysfunctional  and rootless…1000’s of years of building can be wiped out in generation.
The End Game is mass dilution, and specifically targetting what are the most established cultures. Once the dilution of any/all cultures reaches a critical point….you have no Nations… No Borders No Culture, No More when in Rome do as the Romans do in fact No need for your own Gov’t….this vacuum will be filled by ONE World Gov’t.   See the insidous plan ?
Jesse Jackson ?  I think he is an idiot. He claims to be a leader for his people…and an interracial diplomat but he seems to promote animosity and tension between races, but he has tipped his hand.  That is usually a warning sign…a handful of people claiming to represent “their own people”..more like wolves to the flock.
The irony is after you finish reading this , and think about it……you will see how this agenda has been going on right under our noses for decades.
( To Be Continued )
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