” Batman and Jail ……on the same day ” ( Part 4 )


” Batman and Jail ……on the same day ” ( Part 4)

From lst post : I stood up and  said ” Why don’t YOU ( ie Mayor) step outside ……and close the door behind you !!!

After I had said this, the (2) RCMP officers stationed at the door approached me. One of them requested that I stop and leave the room. I refused,  stating I am not going anywhere, and sat in the chair. He then stated he was placing me under  arrest.

He and the other officer each grabbed an arm and dragged me out of the room. (BTW I have a clean record..NO criminal record whatsoever..this was the first time I was ever arrested.)

My documents were left behind….and they placed a set of handcuffs on me. I stood near the security desk…..and requested they retrieve my papers. I stood there alone for several minutes. After a while….the officers returned and chatted to me.

My presence at City Hall lasted a while longer, I am not sure what the cops were doing. Then they approached me and requested I do something, ie position myself so that a 2ND set of handcuffs could be put on.

I thought WTF?

I refused to co-operate with this overkill, ……..given the first set of handcuffs where already digging into my skin (ie they are designed to squeeze tighter with movement ..quite uncomfortable.. Then after I refused, one of the cops signalled to the other , which implies a “tag team” event was going to happen..ie they each grabbed an arm ; knee into my back  and slammed me to the ground. Then I started to yell LOUDLY  ……so Council could hear..  as I had also assumed this was all on security videos.

Approx one hour after I was arrested, I was taken to the RCMP cruiser parked outside.

( To Be Continued )

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