A sign of things to come ? ” Foreclosure Fraud “

A sign of things to come ? ” Foreclosure Fraud “

While listening to alternate media, and the topic US Housing market collapse….I keep hearing about what I will refer to as ” Foreclosure Fraud “

Simply stated….people are being Foreclosed on that do NOT have mortgages……they owe NO money……..they own their homes “free and clear”.

How is  that possible?


Apparently …..The Fraud has reached such proportions, that the Bailed Out Banks with their armies of lawyer are simply filing the foreclosure documents, thus forcing innocent people to defend themselves from losing their homes.

If one understands the legal system its not about Justice….it is about deep pockets and forcing people hands…playing the game.  OR, more specifically, YOU may own your home…but could get dragged into court on such a fraud, and it may be a war of economic attrition, where you may not have the funds to defend the bogus allegation, and the other side may end up owning YOUR home.

Such practices could move their way up here into Canada in the near future.


Just thought I’d warn you…..

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