” Batman and Jail ……on the same day ” ( Part 3)

” Batman and Jail ……on the same day ” ( Part 3)

One kick I get out of Meetings is sitting at the back row and watching Council. Every so often they will look over the audience. When their heads turn look my way..MY eyes lock in with theirs with a stare that doesn’t blink. Then they notice my locked -in look and that I am staring right at them. You can see how uncomfortable they get…… LOL.

When my time came to speak, I brought several pages of documents. I made an ad-lib comment about the Mall on Sea Island, and told them to their faces I hoped they saw the hypocrisy about their concern re: consultation now that the roles were reversed.

I discussed another issue briefly…..then I held up the article re: Steves claim to be in the ALR.

I pointed this out in front of Council..and then I asked Steves to  either conform OR deny that his Richmond farm was in the ALR.

One thing I do not like is the Council’s self -made rule that no Council Member is obligated to answer a question posed. However, I don’t give a damn .

I stated Mr Steves is a public figure , he holds an elected office , and has an obligation to tell the truth, and here is his chance. To LIE or Mislead about this ALR issue is very concerning in my opinion.

The Mayor piped in and said he(Steves) does not have to provide and answer.

I ignored the Mayor and kept interrogating Steves…I wanted to corner him big time….you could see hm squirm ….he was very VERY uncomfortable. I said its a very simply question,Mr. Steves “YES” or “NO”….

Then the mayor interrupted me again….then I got fed up with this coddling and protecting of Steves. I stood up and said ” Why don’t YOU(ie Mayor ) step outside ……and close the door behind you !!! “.

Then it got real interesting

( To Be Continued )

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