” Batman and Jail ……on the same day ” ( Part 2)

” Batman and Jail ……on the same day ” ( Part 2)

I had notified the City I wished to appear (NOTE: deadline is 5 PM Wednesday before the next week’s scheduled meetings). Usually I submit some documents so they appear on the record.This time I didn’t. On Thursday the City requested what I was going to discuss…so I gave them about a 10 word description..as I was simply going to ad lib anyway.

On this same day of the Council Meeting….my spouse and son had decided to go see the new Batman Movie..we paid a bit of a premium to see it at a more sophisticated theatre. We loved it….it was quite the movie. Of course, later that day was the Council meeting.

As I entered Council Chambers, I noticed (2) RCMP Officers standing inside the doors ….one at the left, the other at the right. I have attended lots of meetings at City Hall, and have NEVER seen that before.

One of many reasons I go to Council and Committee meetings is just to show my presence. There is little if any love lost between me, Council and Staff.  Believe me, they have earned my mistrust distrust and disgust .

I truly wish people would get more involved and hold Council accountable. We the citizens are being royally screwed by an ignorant Council and a Machiavellian bureaucracy.

Prior to my time to speak, Council had discussed the new Mall proposed for Sea Island . They were concerned about  lack of consultation etc….the reality being that this is a venture by an arm of the Federal Gov’t and RichmondCouncil had no control over it….

I was chuckling  to myself…talk about the Pot calling the Kettle ” Black “.  Any consultation done by Council and Staff to their own citizens is bare minimum and token at best.

( To Be Continued )

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