Shark Fin Soup Controversy :

Shark Fin Soup Controversy :
I thought I may throw my 2 cents in on this issue.
Yes, I have had shark fin soup when we went out with some Asian friends and we were trying different items. I enjoyed it, but its nothing I would crave, and probably never have again……. unless it was part of some dinner put on and this was being served.
However, I have seen numerous documentaries on the shark fin industry. I had originally though shark fin was simply a “by -product” of catching and processing the entire shark aka NOTHING went to waste. I have to admit, I was very shocked to see what actually occurred…ie sharks were caught…hauled aboard ships, alive..their fins ONLY cut off, and then disposed of  alive , back into the water. Without their fins….these animals are effectively crippled and will die a very painful bleed to death, eaten by other predators, drown….
I find that wasteful ,disgusting and very cruel.
I see Richmond MP Alice Wong made an ill advised move and weighed in on this issue…and actually sat down at a photo opp and allowed herself to be used in support of Shark Fin soup by eating some. Sometimes I question peoples’ “street smarts” versus “knee-jerk” reactions.
I understand there are cultural issues….longheld..but that does not mean they are right. Take for example “Kosher Slaughters”. These involve  slitting cattles throats on the underside to the point the head is half decapitated but still attached..and the cow is bleeding profusely and in obvious pain and distress….it is awful to watch.
As a Non Asian…what I see Ms. Wong doing is pandering to a minority by allowing herself to be used like this. In other words, she really doesn’t get it,that people of all cultures are waking up  to this shark fin issue….. hence we have to question her views and decision on OTHER issues. IMHO, she should be very careful next time about taking sides on volatile issues.
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