RE: V-E-R-Y serendipitous thing to note from this trip.”KAMLOOPS BULLSHIT”

 RE: V-E-R-Y serendipitous thing to note from this trip.
One of the inconvenience of these out of town trips is the road work that is common….and a bit of  a pain when most of the road is only one lane each way . This implies, one lane is blocked and thus traffic in each direction has to take its turn. Thus, the flag person stops traffic on one direction.
This happened on several spots along the way, but at one of them I noticed the vehicle, a mini van ahead of me, had a interesting ” bumper sticker” . Now, I would probably never had a chance to read it had I (i) not been behind it and (ii) not stopped. 
We were stopped for about 5 minutes….which gave me plenty of time to write down what it said…..which included a Web Site called “KAMLOOPS  BULLSHIT” .
Quite an interesting site, given the bloggers own frustration with their Local Gov’t, in this case Kamloops.
I will discuss the further, but I think it is quite clear that Local Gov’ts are suffering the same widespread illnesses  ie , arrogance , indifference, Kids in a candy store , Taxpayers as the Golden Goose, and a serious detachment from reality.
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