Good trip…nice to be back ( Part 3 )

Good trip…nice to be back ( Part 3 )

One more note on ”  Old School ” style of doing Business.

In Richmond, there used to be a Hardware store called  Brighouse Hardware..located on Park Road. It was open for decades…and closed in the mid -1990’s.

However, when you entered the store…they had some of the best service I have ever encountered. It was owned by an Asian couple…( I detected a South African accent) and the staff included their son and (3) older ladies. They had excellent selection and even better excellent service. They ALL knew where everything was…and could answer just about any question. The staff was there for years, I don’t recall any turnover…call it loyalty.  That’s was a perfect example of old school way of doing business, perhaps the key to success that should be resurrected ?

One of my favourite ” park your brain in your pocket ” pastimes is to get out to the bush and clean up rural land….take a chainsaw and an axe…and do clean -up . So much dead wood builds up over time, it starts to look UN natural. (In fact, leaving that much fuel on the forest floor increases risk, nature is too slow in creating decay).

Then the FUN part..creating a bonfire to get rid of it. I must have ended up  burning the equivalent of 10 -15 pick- up truck loads (and the nearest dump is 10 miles away) In some ways a waste of viable heating fuel…but there is a point one is overwhelmed. I have about 20 dead trees and each one has more firewood that I can use in a season.

After 4 days of this. … really started to look much much different…for the positive.

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