Good trip…nice to be back ( Part 2 )

Good trip…nice to be back ( Part 2 )

I had planned to be up for 3 days…..but extended it an extra day…

I had an excavator booked for Friday… do a small job.  I had a quote of $200 from this person as a preliminary estimate.  After the job was completed, and I asked him to do a couple of extras as well, he only charged me $150.

I have hired this party before….one time I had 5 loads of rocks to be moved, and he had a Bobcat -types excavator.   It took him one hour to do the job, and he charged me for one hour ..not what others do…ie 2 – 4 hour minimum charge plus travel time. Its nice to know and do business with people like that .

I also had a crane truck booked….they were supposed to be there last trip in Sept….didn’t show up..and I was really pissed off.   On these types of trips, one has a short schedule and not much room/time for error .

I don’t know what happened, but didn’t inquire aka “bit my tongue”. However, within a month I had “calmed down” and  re-contacted them and re-booked the crane, acting as if nothing had happened.  This trip, the party drove out to my site Friday to scope – out the job.  He said that he would be there either Saturday or Sunday. This trip ….this time,….he arrived at approx. noon Sunday. I thought the job would be a bit sticky, but either this person has a very calm demeanour and/or he has seen a lot worse. The job went amazingly well.

He actually owns  the local building supply store, which has just converted to a RONA franchise.  So in the 2 hours he was there we talked a bit “shop”. I’ve known of him for 30 years, but this time a chance for a good 1:1 chat as we worked. Unlike most stores, he is an owner -operator. He found joining  RONA as an affiliate a good fit, and said its a 10 year commitment . However….. most RONA stores are corporately – owned.  So..he can speak his mind  and has when RONA has meetings. One major issue he has with the corporate owned stores is their service levels. He talked about another Interior store, and knows the manager….good guy..but head office keeps telling him to cut staff hours….the old bottom line.  This  party , owner operator…doesn’t believe in these touchy- feely company seminars…..he says just come to his store and observe…whenever customers come into HIS store the staff always greet and ask if the customer needs any help (this is true when I shop there). We call that “Old School” way of doing business, never lose sight of it. I see this more and more…this mentality to cut out the real people involved in business , cold bottom line corporate attitude.

I had also ordered some gravel fill….which was also supposed to come Saturday from a guy I have done business with for almost 20 years. No show….very frustrating…but I left him a message that ” Sunday is still acceptable for delivery ” …and he came around Noon.  As I said, I wanted the fill this year …timing was important and it happened. No big deal in the end, we shot the breeze for a bit.

So, after all was said and done…the trip was a great success, objectives achieved/mission accomplished  and great weight lifted off my shoulders…that feeling of exhilaration.


So, I guess the lesson is ” patience “….things do work out in the end .

( To Be Continued )

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