Good trip…nice to be back (Part 1)

Good trip…nice to be back (Part 1)

I had some unfinished business in the Interior and wanted to complete if before next year. I had hoped for it to be done last month, but there were various screw-ups. A month ago….it was still warm, high 20’s and we actually could go swimming, and the leaves hadn’t even changed colour.  One month later, the leaves had turned colour and fallen off…Fall happens very quickly up there.

The daily temperature would fluctuate say from a high of (8) degrees Celsius to (- 4 )Celsius. The first day there it was cool ,but no snow.

The next day, at night, around 8 PM….I opened the door and it was snowing.It puts a concern in your mind, as I recall one trip several years ago that I woke up and saw 6 inches of  snow had fallen overnight…totally unprepared. However, during this trip, while it snowed on and off, this is a dry area, hence precipitation in any form is minimal. The snow would come and go, and melt, and by the time I left I doubt there was more than an inch on the ground.

Cell phone coverage is an interesting prospect. Long story short, we used to have a land line…on a party-line system(shared use with 3 other parties). Then Telus informed us we had to get a dedicated more shared use…due to some policy by the Feds that mandated all land lines in Canada must be able to support Internet, which won’t work with a shared system. What we then did  was cancel useage for most of the year, but that became a pain as they upped the re hook -up fees…usual extortion ( y ‘know….. like a service fee of $100 for somebody to spend 2 seconds to flick a switch ).

Then we found that our cell phones work if we drive half a mile to high points of elevation clear of trees…that works in order to call home, so we cancelled the land line.  These charges are minor in comparison to trying to pay for a land line.

Its a middle ground..cell phones are handy to keep in touch,(ie to stay in touch that you haven’t ben eaten by a bear, or hit by a falling tree etc).. but out in rural areas its kind of a hidden blessing to not have to be in constant contact.  However… we had bought one of those fancy new phones…with touch screen, and I was swearing at how finicky they are…waaaaay too many features.

I asked my spouse to give me a quick lesson on how to use it…for CALLS only…..and not have all those other features pop up. There must be a market out there for a simple basic cell phone, and not all that added crap.

( To Be Continued )

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