Naughty Numbers


In reading other blogs, some parties started posting different numbers. It seemed like an “in joke”..till I saw this RAMZPAUL video Naughty Numbers .

FYI: RAMZPAUL has several YouTube videos, he has a very dry wit and excellent satire on many topics.

Naughty Numbers

I then did a little research and came across this from the ADL website

It now has an actual list of multi – digit numbers the ADL finds offensive.

Many of us realize that the ADL is simply a front for Zionism, and that an “Anti – Semite” is an inverted term, and is someone THEY don’t like…and the fact that the term “semites” also refers to many Arab peoples.

They claim to be champions for the underdog and “fight hate crimes”….yet seem to not give a shit about how their own tribe members treat Palestinians. That is simple hypocrisy self -serving and thinking we will be easily fooled be this red herring deflection.  ADL  is simply a lobby group for the Police State.

Don’t be fooled…but you might find some of this quite amusing.

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