How could Harper sell us out ?

How could Harper sell us out ?

The answer is very simple….why be different ?

Its part of a global pattern…

As one radio host said….any  banking system based on usury, (ie interest)…has never lasted more than 100 years. It is both a combination of design and also that all such ponzi schemes collapse .

Unfortunately….democracy is a sham…leaders are selected, not elected.

I have often used the term “carpetbagger”,….which is a slang term for parties who come in and pick up the spoils for pennies on the dollar after major turmoil such as war, or in this case, economic collapse.

As I stated previously,…..all the global debt that has accumulated far exceeds all the money in existence….aka it can never be paid off.    However…while we are lulled with a false sense of security….the global scam artist created the major economic  collapse…past and into …..the abyss. Look  here in BC how we are being overwhelmed with debt…it is simply a ticking time -bomb so that the carpetbaggers can come in and cherry pick the best pickings ? Like BC Hydro….Smart Meters were simply a taxpayer funded set up so the carpetbaggers come in and scoop up a great deal ?

Soul-less traitorous meat robots ?  Well put it this way….clearly they have not considered the best and better interests of their own citizens. In reviewing history, the evidence suggest that the vast majority of leaders are traitors…they have a public persona combined with a hidden agenda, they OWE or are BOUGHT out by vested interests. The few that do sincerely look out for their citizens interests are often 6 ft under or removed from power.

EXAMPLE: US president Woodrow Wilson was originally not in favour of entering WW1….nor allowing a Private Central bank..the Federal Reserve…from being established…but he was blackmailed with compromising letters..the rest is history. Politicians are whores.  In previous posts, I have discussed how those that rise to the top are often sociopaths, that have no remorse for what they do…and in fact may be more interested in a body count. Perhaps thats how they “tick”.

It is clear much is going on behind the scenes that we, the average citizen,  is not party to…….don’t be surprised, but be prepared !!!. History has shown that this never ends up a pretty sight.

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