China’s take over of Canadian oil rights still on the table

China’s take over of Canadian oil rights still on the table

Wasn’t it Susan Powter who once said: Stop the Insanity. It’s about time we did. Stephen Harper is still actually considering letting Communist China buy our Canadian oil rights. He just extended the deadline a month. This is insane.

Ever heard of Vietnam? Ever heard of the Korean war? What if Communist China decides to invade another country like Tibet and bring them into bondage? Are we going to supply their tanks fuel to invade other countries? Once we give them our oil rights, we will have to. There was a reason we sent troops to Korea and Vietnam.

Giving Communist China control of our oil is unthinkable. What if Communist China gains control of Canada’s oil and then says, we’re angry at the US and we’re not going to sell them any of Canada’s oil. If we give them control of our oil rights, we will have no say in the matter.

As we speak, China is holding anti American demonstrations. They want to invade an island Japan had before their surrender to the US in the war because it has oil. If Iran did that we would be talking about bombs not giving them control of our oil. As we speak, China recently boycotted a meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Japan to defy Western economic rules. Giving a Communist dictatorship economic power to put sanctions on the free world is insanity at best.

Of the two options, letting the Texans have control of our oil would be a million times better than Communist China. Yet there is a third option. Canada can remain a free and sovereign nation and control it’s own oil. Imagine that.

We can sell oil to China but to give them control of our oil rights is a completely different matter. There are a lot of people in Vancouver of Chinese ancestry. Many of them are here because they disagree with Communism. The Epoch Times is a local and international paper that regularly speaks out against the murder and atrocities committed by Communist China.

As we speak, local officials in the Chinese Communist Party have violently and forcefully evicted people from their homes and property before seizing them in an attempt to make up for local budget shortfalls, according to a report from Amnesty International.

The Epoch Times is reporting that the Chinese state-owned oil company looking to close a record-setting takeover of Calgary-based Nexen is one of China’s most abusive employers, directing its security forces to arrest and imprison Falun Gong adherents. Did you catch that? The company has it’s own security forces that are arresting employees for their freedom of association.

It is highly ironic that the “left wing socialist” NDP cares more about human rights violations in Communist China that Stephen Harper does. If this deal goes through, Stephen Harper will be remembered as the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. He will be a traitor to the free world.

Chairman Harper or Chairman Mao? Right now it’s hard to tell.

Another article on this Sell Off of Canadian resources.
Lets be blunt……Oil is what makes to world go round…..the KEY facet in Geo –  Politics
Simple: Control Oil……you control a Country.  It’s like blood in a body.
As the article above notes….why are we doing this…we can SELL oil to China if it wants oil…correct ?
What is in it for us ?
What about the controversial pipeline…how does this play ? Well for sure kept us distracted, we were worried about the environmental impacts of OUR CANADIAN OIL being shipped in a PIPELINE ON CANADIAN SOIL…Harper has stated that the Public Input  and impact studies will be completed by the end of next year, an enforced deadline, implying the fix may be in.
Now that China is being guaranteed access, what is to stop it from buying the pipeline as well if and when built ? OR..the whole China buys Oil Rights, buys more Oil companies….so in essence it takes as much oil as it chooses and ships it all to China. Again, is this a step – by – step process with a goal to ultimately hand China most of our Oil?
Keep in mind that via the OPEC cartel, oil prices have a world benchmark value.
IMHO, what we are seeing is not new….its more of a High End carpetbagging. History is littered with such examples. An economy is imploded, or the nations assets are taken over and plundered by vested interests . For all intents and purposes, China has “invaded “Canada ,we have lost our sovereignty aka we can NOT say NO…we are forced to say YES.
We can acknowledge that China a needs oil….but all I can see is that it will have the rights to pump it out and transfer it to China for processing. What do we get out of that ?  Some royalties ?  China can then bypass the OPEC monopoly having bought the raw material wholesale…and irony of ironies would be to sell it back to us in a refined state ?
What if China wants to go to war….Oil  ie energy supplies, is crucial to fighting wars. Then what ? What if it wages wars on various countries..perhaps even the US ?
This all goes back to the issue of sovereignty and what defines a nation…versus an evolving colony of a foreign power.
When there is nothing left…then what ?
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