BC Tories censure Patton and 14 others

BC Tories censure Patton and 14 others


Surrey-White Rock BC Conservative constituency association president Allison Patton is expecting expulsion for demanding the resignation of party leader John Cummins.

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By Dan Ferguson – Peace Arch News
Published: October 16, 2012 9:00 AM
Updated: October 16, 2012 10:04 AM

Fifteen dissident BC Conservative Party members will be disciplined for calling for leader John Cummins to resign.

The “affected party members” will be notified by mail this week, party leader Al Siebring said in a statement issued Monday.

He did not name the 15, nor did he say if all 15 are being stripped of their party memberships.

The Siebring press release said punishment will include “terminations of membership and letters of censure.”

The list was expected to include Allison Patton, president of the Surrey-White Rock BC Conservative constituency association and a vocal critic of Cummins.

“When I get my letter, I will frame it,” Patton told Peace Arch News  Monday.

She called the announcement “bizarre” and said legal action is a possibility.

The party board of directors also announced plans to create a “unity committee,” and passed a motion to express “full confidence and support” for Cummins as leader.

According to Siebring, the move to purge the dissidents followed a failed attempt last week to end the infighting before a Cummins deadline for the dissidents to leave the party or get in line.

In an open letter emailed to party members Wednesday, Siebring said he and an unnamed member of the party board of directors met the day of the deadline in Delta with two representatives of the anti- Cummins faction, also unnamed.

Siebring said he agreed to meet on condition that “those attending the meeting” would drop their call for Cummins to step down and would “only discuss positive initiatives to lead the party to success…”

Enough progress was made at the meeting, according to Siebring, that a joint statement was drafted for release to reporters that called the session “constructive.”

It was never issued.

The same day, Patton and the president of the Burnaby North constituency association, Ariane Eckardt, issued a press release saying the meeting produced a deal for Cummins to resign, but Cummins had reneged.

“(Cummins would step down) by Friday with $4,000 per month for six months and… Rick Peterson would become interim leader,” the statement claimed.

Cummins participated in the meeting by phone, according to Patton and Eckardt.

Cummins called the Patton-Eckardt statement an “absolute fabrication.”

At Peace Arch News  press time Monday, Patton issued a statement saying her constituency association held an emergency meeting on the weekend, passing resolutions formally requesting Cummins’ resignation and demanding a special general meeting.



Ah yes…the blood sport of politics…

I’ve met John Cummins….he was once my M.P…and I thought he was a very warm, honest and open person. He apparently had one of the best research teams of any MP . He spoke his mind often on isues, no holds barred , none of this Politically Correct B.S

If you start a political party , you need a leader aka someone to lead. They elected him.

Any growing pains will have warts  either created or exposed. One has to think loooong term. Unless it is crucial to expose….keep the dirty laundry in the group..at least try to resolve issues internally and not create a circus.

While there was a short honeymoon…this has all the makings of a political career assassination. Far too much “he said …She said, they said”….its childish bickering and tought to discern who is telling the truth.


That said, one thing for sure is that this creates a stink , a hornet’s nest, which makes the publc question this political party , the BC Conservative Party, as a viable alternative to the other two parties…though it is clear that the BC Liberals will be the most afftected by the BC Conservatives, as they would likely siphon off enough votes from the BC Liberals that would then benefit the NDP.

Personally, I think the NDP will win the next election in May 2013…but it appears that there is almost James Bond like intrigue here.  IMHO,What we see at the surface is not what lays deep below. The BC Liberals rose out of the ashes of the Old Social Credit party….it took them years to rebuild and challenge the NDP. Perhaps this has come full circle and they don’t want a repeat. To do so, they must literally take out the BC Conservatives ,no matter who is in charge.

In other words, its not  a leadership issue, its a delaying tactic and a means to demonize any option that may come forward. Given Politics is , at best ,  a treacherous brothel , this could have been a set up from the beginning ie that the BC Tories would be infiltrated by Liberal operatives that wanted to stir this up and take out the Tories, so that the non NDP voters would only have one choice.  I am also questioning MSM….seems a lot of them are beating up on Cummins…and he doesn’t even have  a seat yet….hmmm……MSM  in bed with the Liberals. I would say go through the next election,in 7 months…. then see where the chips fall.



Me ?  I may do something I never thought I would ever do, and that is NOT vote period. Its not so much as trying to keep the other party out ….its more of an integrity…a whore is a whore….and I can’t be bought or lied to , so they can all go F*ck themselves.  There are growing numbers of people of like mind..who feel the system needs to collapse in order to fix it,  the definition of insanity/futility  is thinking that do the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Or to put it another way…if voter turnout decreases to a certain point….this should make ALL politicians be wary…they have no mandate…..a revolution may be pending.

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