“Tears for Gaza” Documentary…..some comments

“Tears for Gaza” Documentary…..some comments
The movie was quite shocking and very emotional.
To see innocent Unarmed UNaggressive people being slaughtered like target practice …or bugs to be exterminated…. is simply pure evil.
What possible defence can there be for shooting little children in the chest and the head ? seeing their cold bodies in the morgue… …creating widows and orphans ?…crippling people for life.
It is these type of efforts by independent  parties that expose what the MSM will never show you should be applauded, but what does one expect when MSM and Politicians are the “bitches” of the perpetrators?
The perpetrators complain because people retaliate with throwing rocks at vehicles…and maintaining some BULLSHIT story that this is their  land ? They are frauds  charlatans and criminals. 
People need to wake up quickly to what is really going on and connect the dots.
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