Re the TEEN Suicide

Re the TEEN Suicide

As I noted…what a tragedy.
and a small world….
One family member knew the mother and the teen,(story plastered all over the media) and was  actually texted by the mother when it happened.  Then I find out one of our children is connected  as well through a chain of acquaintances.
I am quite sure that almost every person knows or knows of someone who has committed suicide. We certainly have.
When suicide occurs  as a result of bullying…that has got to stop. I’m old school….and I think each one of us has been bullied in our lives…and it does not end in childhood….bullying can care on in life.  The bully is usually a psychopathic bully and a coward.  When I was in school, the solution was usually a good fight….a good punch in the mouth….the usually shut them up. However, our coddling system finds these types of solutions “unacceptable”….so all we here is lip service..insterad of a FAT Lip solution. However, with technology, there are many more venues to bully, ie on-line. IMHO….. we need to empower our kids, punish the bullies, and limit the avenues to bully. It is not worth dying over.
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