Canadian Gov’t Sell Out to China …( PART 4 )

Canadian Gov’t Sell Out to China …( PART 4 )

”  Privatize the GAIN $…..Socialize the L-O-$-$-E-$ “.

Years ago….in the early 1990’s….there were discussions about exporting Canadian water to the U.S…via supertankers or even via river diversions.  One politician stated they had no problem selling water to outside parties…but in 5 gallon buckets…( ie in a limited ” value -added ” basis ) .

Recall my previous dissertation and demarcation of what a country/nation  is .  ” All for one…one for all “.

If one studies history, the sad reality is much of it is rooted in  Imperialism. However, it was often imposed when frontiers were opened and the given area was found to hold a wealth of  resources, as opposed to established areas that have been settled and modernized. 

I am not  a believer in coincidence…. I realize more and more that both local and global events are part of some Master Plan, it fits a larger premise…all the puzzle pieces add up….but again…one has to do the research so one can have these epiphanies.

EXAMPLE: I would urge people to research the Boer Wars….which I am sure most have heard about…but know little about…(as I didn’t until recently). In essence, some Europeans settled in Southern Africa over 100 years ago in an area that was sparsely populated. They turned the area into farms…and built a prosperous society.  However, it was later discovered that the area was rich in resources, such as  diamonds. Farmers were literally ploughing them up as they tilled the soil. When word got out….European Imperialists wanted this land and a war was started against these settlers . Are we seeing a picture and a pattern now ?

As I said, this is NOT a racial issue… is a far deeper and more insidious one. Basically, instead of a ” frontier” …this deal is simply a fattening up of a society and then the slaughter……a hollowing out. If our Gov’t is effectively holding the door open for ” CHINA Ltd ” to come and pillage OUR resources…our competitive advantage ….what purpose is served ? Simple…to impoverish and enslave us.  This is how Communism and Multinational Monopolies are one- and- the-same.  Yes, it is treason…a sellout of the very people one is supposed to represent and whose best and better interest they are duty bound to  uphold.  This doesn’t imply that the majority of the Chinese population will benefit….they too will see their standard of living plateaus or decrease.  Our traitors in power abuse our trust and their legal empowerment and cut deals that are structured in such a way that the co-signing entity literally cannot lose and the citizens cannot win…if the citizens disagree…the entity is compensated. It is  a perfect example of the “frog in the water” analogy…turn it up sloooowly but surely till it is too late.

The Chinese leadership will dare not extinguish Communism…because it has always been a Master Plan to create a One World Gov’t, which be definition is COMMUNIST.   An Elite class rules the masses, this time it will bypass all borders.  


Duly note the clever backdoor tanks….it was achieved via collapsing the economic system…far more destructive than a bomb. We already  have riots in Europe,….which the Elite expect…because then the will impose martial law, and hence the Communistic police state. Then the people lose their liberties….and are almost totally dependent on Big Brother , a combination of begging  and surrender.

Hey…my parents lived through this,……… its NOTHING  new to me….

What do you think the World Financial Crisis was all about….it set the table for the aforementioned. It exposed a Global Ponzi scheme whereby the Elites created a crisis , forced Gov’t s to bail them out, which in essence is ”  Privatize the GAIN $…..Socialize the L-O-$-$-E-$ “.  In their wake, they have literally bankrupted society and its membership. Various people have stated that the debt racked up by people and Gov’ts is so HUGE, there is not enough money in existence to pay it. What  does that tell you ? Its one big MASSIVE S-C-A-M. 

As one person succinctly put it…these Elites..many in Banking…effectively ran a casino ( derivatives,… credit default swaps etc)…….made HUGE are asking the average people to help them out. WTF?

What is interesting is China is buying up a lot of land in the US,  and the buzz is they will build cities etc.

IMHO…China is simply a puppet of the Elites…it was positioned to take over what supported the middle class…acquire enormous wealth, and now positioned to buy what’s left of a hollowed out Western Society. CHINA Ltd, is simply the best of both worlds to the Elite…….COMMUNIST and a MEGA – CORPORATION MONOPOLY…a combination that will ultimately determine our futures.


As Remembrance day approaches…What do you R-E-A-L-L-Y think WW 1 and WW2 were actually all about….


( To Be Continued )

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