Canadian Gov’t Sell Out to China …( PART 3 )

Canadian Gov’t Sell Out to China …( PART 3 )

”  Privatize the GAIN$…..Socialize the L-O-$-$-E-$ “.

I find the best way to deal with complex issues…whether it be ones own epiphany (and perhaps  lectures later on your findings),….. is to find a central focus , a linchpin to hang your thoughts and conclusions on  , sweep away the “noise” , the irrelevant dust etc.etc.   While one may not reach “absolutes”….one can exclude other premises that are exposed early on and are dead -ends perhaps meant to confuse and camouflage the real agenda .    ie My premise ……with no evidence to the contrary….STANDS.

EXAMPLE: If I go to a restaurant….I don’t ask the server to get the raw ingredients, insist I pay for them wholesale, and take them home to cook.  I could do that by bypassing the restaurant, going to a supermarket ,  buy the ingredients, and cook them at home. When one does business with a restaurant, you expect to have someone else do all the work and enjoy their culinary talents…..correct ?.

With regards to “CHINA LTD.” , this agreement signed by the Feds has effectively allowed China to go into the restaurant and “clean out the freezers and the cupboards” , for a minimum of 15 years.

The terms of reference are also very subjective…not objective. Look at the word ” profit ” = __??? Any accountant can tell you how easily that term can be manipulated.

Why was this deal done behind the scenes….not an open consultation process….or more to the point….why was it done at all ?  This harkens back to my opening remark about what IS a Country / Nation?

Is it for the communal benefit of the membership/citizens….or is it now a cage,….whereby the democratic process is abused by the  “wolves” to sell out  the “sheep” ?


So…what is this Master Plan….which seems on a Global Scale….can we nail it down ?


( To be Continued )

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