Canadian Gov’t Sell Out to China …( PART 2 )

Canadian Gov’t Sell Out to China …( PART 2 )

I recall that in the late 1970’s and early 1990’s, the BC Gov’t made huge investment in NorthEast BC ,by exploiting the areas’ coal resources and building infrastructure, to satisfy demand for coal from Japan. However, it was found out that the Japanese had also cut deals with other countries for their coal…thus Japan was THE main buyer with many suppliers, and at a time that Japan had one of the strongest economies in the world.  Hence Japan, once it had a lot of supply chains established could now control the coal market. It had suckered in many countries, who spent millions on this coal supply chain…and the price began to be driven down.

However, the Japanese economy itself had become overheated, far too much inflation and speculation….and itself  entered a long recession. The BC Gov’t then began to wind down North East coal, and the then Private Sector owner sold its holdings. The Town of Tumbler Ridge, with many homes built in the early 1980’s was sold off…and people were buying these relatively newer homes for approx. $30,000..a friend of mine flew up and bought (2) homes  ….which he later sold.


Regardless…..are we seeing a pattern here , but repeated on a bigger scale ???



The other key is   the ” porous” ness of the border that usually define a a nation and its sovereignty. Lets change the terms of reference…are we letting China, a foreign entity, come in and do business on ” the same level playing field”  as domestic businesses ?…OR,…. actually ,domestic business now has to compete with what is, in essence the largest company in the world..aka ” CHINA LTD.” ?  China is , effectively  a huge conglomerate of state- run companies ? it simply cutting out/bypassing  the middle man to China which would be domestic companies and Canadian citizens . Lets get real here….a combination of a death by a thousand cuts and an elephant versus  a flea ? History has shown WHO wins that one .

Foreshadowing:  One can GOOGLE and find many countries have allowed Chinese companies to work on projects and bring in their own employees from China…..The new bridge in the San Francisco Bay area was a multi – billion dollar project built mainly with imported Chinese workers.

Again, what purposes do border serve in this new world order developing….to keep people out ?…..or keep people in. Even more importantly, who or what does our Gov’t work for ?


( To Be Continued )

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