Richmond Olympic oval to become karate capital of Canada

Olympic oval to become karate capital of Canada

Richmond News October 9, 2012
The Olympic oval is set to become the karate capital of Canada after the venue announced it will be hosting major championships between 2014 and 2017.

The Olympic oval is set to become the karate capital of Canada after the venue announced it will be hosting major championships between 2014 and 2017.

Photograph by: File Photo , Richmond News

The Richmond Olympic Oval will soon become the new home of karate in Canada.

Hosting six competitive events over four years, starting in 2014, the events will include four national championships and two international competitions.

The oval will play host to the annual Karate Canada National Championship — in which Canadian national team selection will take place — every January beginning in 2014.

More than 450 Canadian athletes, coaches, officials and delegates will take part in each national championship, while the event is expected to attract up to 1,500 spectators over three days of competition.

In 2014 and 2017 the oval will also host more than 230 athletes, coaches, officials and delegates from Canada, Mexico and the United States as a part of the North American Cup. The one-day competition is typically held on the third weekend of March.

“This is a first for our sport; hosting our events in the same venue and city over a few years,” said Rébecca Khoury, president of Karate Canada.

“We are certain that the relationships we will build with Karate BC, the City of Richmond, the Richmond Olympic Oval and all our partners and sponsors will benefit the community and all of our members for years to come.”

The news will result in “significant economic benefits for our community,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

With 5,000 room nights projected to be booked at local hotels in addition to an anticipated boost to tourism, the local economic impact of the events, according to the city, being hosted at the oval could be upwards of $1 million.

As per usual… between the lines.
Funny how a certifiable White Elephant evolves….
Richmond Taxpayers are on the hook, yet our blessed Richmond Council is, as usual , telling us what they are going to do with this taxpayer – owned facilty AFTER the deals have been cut, not asking us before.
I had “assumed ” that after the 2010 Olympic, the Oval would end up as a  City recreation center , much like  others in the City, accessible to the General Public.
However, this is not the case…
It will soon be 3 years since the Olympic ended. One would think that as a Post -Olympic public use the City would be patient as the City grows….that ultimately the Oval will “fill up”  with demand via normal population growth.
This appears not to be the case….not ” the plan” , if it ever was.
Seems like this White Elephant will now become a highly – subsidized venue for Elite sports….a feather in the cap for the City Hall egomaniancs ……and a kick -in -the -ass to the rest of us.  The logic is very simple…you have ” X ” area for ” Y ” people for ” Z ” events. If this Elite Karate organization locates here. this displaces other possibilities.
This was a complaint voiced recently by a Richmond Amateur Sports Rep….that the City is increasingly focussing its resources on the Oval at the cost of amateur sports elsewhere in Richmond.
Rest assured…this is not the first such deal with an Elite sports at the Oval , nor will it be the last . I stated in  a past post that I researched the issue and found that the Oval occupancy limit was approx 5,000 people.Thus, these events will have a s msal number of elite athletes with large audiences, which turns the Oval  more into a stage than a Recreation Center.
These sorts of “Oval” deals have more and more  Richmond citizens on the outside looking in. Or, its just another sign that the Oval is a White Elephant, will continue to be, and City Hall is desperate to justify it.
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