BC Debt graph etc.

BC Debt graph etc.

One of the most important graphs and the two most important posts, you will ever read about BC’s coming debt load.

BC Liberals for accumulating so much debt that they have to avoid having a fall session so they wont be held accountable.

What the hell did they think would happen when they reduced  all corporate and personal taxes to some of the lowest points ever ? Without generating new revenue streams as replacements? Natural gas prices are down, China is heading into some rough economic times and our government is putting everything they have into exports to China and Asia……Well, good luck with that and good luck to the incoming government after our election next year, trying to wade out of this one. Don’t expect miracles. Now go, read the post and weep.

Along comes the BC Liberals in 2001, and with the future star witness in the BC Rail Trial the former Finance Minister introduces their P3 projects, making sure that our Children’s Children will be in debt until 2052.

As you can see from the BC Government’s own graph, that 2014 is going to be killer of a year.  If you think that the BC Finance Minister is going to look “good” by balancing his books by 2013, what about the next four years?   The Debt Load per year doesn’t hit a “low” point until 2018, and even that will be higher than in 2013.  Then it sky rockets up to 2022!

If only the Campbellites had held onto BC Rail until 2017……

Figures lie and Liars figure.
It appears no Gov’t wishes to allow for good solid standardized accounting practices, but simply relies on “kicking the can down the road” …ie delay and foist the problem on future generations.
As the point above suggest, perhaps this explains why BC Gov’t did not want a Fall session in the legislature. This implies they will wait till Spring 2013…just before the May election. This would suggest they are killing two birds with one stone, buying time and likely creating a budget to bribe us for votes( which again adds MORE debt ).
Some parties would suggest this is all part of  larger global plan to bankrupt the given Gov’t,(Greece…Spain?)…. in this case the Province, and Private interests would then buy up the infrastructure “cheap” and run them..ie such as BC Hydro and Smart Meters….set up to be primed for such a privatization scenario.
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