My (Short) career as a scalper…

My (Short) career as a scalper…

We went to the BC Lions game last Saturday with some friends.

We were gifted four seats  located on the lower level about 20 rows back from the 15 yard line, hence quite close to the action.

Six of us met at a  great Pub located near the Main Library. Amongst us were (8) game tickets. One of our group had season tickets and had brought a friend…and after the pub we parted company, as their seats were located  in a different area.

However, that left 6  tickets for 4 people. My wife’s friend from work had (2) seasons tickets….located approx. the 50 yard line in the upper level and the plan was my spouse would sit with her. This friend had a preference to sit with other fans she knew.We had tried to ask others to come with us but found no takers….the tickets were free BUT we were told NOT to sell any of these freebies  .

Then a brilliant solution….All (4) of us would use the free tickets and I would try to re-sell scalp the friends’ tickets…they had a list price of approx. $ 70 each. So I left the PUB and then started to mingle . There were scalpers there yelling out “SELLING and BUYING tickets”…I approached a couple of them and they BOTH offered $40 for the pair. They tried to convince was  about 10 minutes to game time   price will go down….etc etc.

I thought I would take my chances….and then started my sales pitch…” 2 tickets….$50 yard line…Uppers “….I got some glances and continued to move towards the crowds between me and the stadium.

After about 5 minutes…a couple and myself made eye contact and they approached me…..they asked to see the tickets…and their was a bit of hesitation as the guy fished out his wallet. I started to think this may be my only chance to sell…so as he is fishing IN his wallet, I said “OK gimme $80″… he hands me (2) $ 50 bills….and says he doesn’t have change….thus I received $100

Then his female companion is jokingly upset….and I tried to console her that they still got a deal.

So, in the end  Sold at  a loss….(fully expected this) but given our situation….came out quite well overall…and handed the $100 to my Wife’s friend and enjoyed the game.

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