Metro Vancouver leaders rip TransLink over faulty forecasts

Metro Vancouver leaders rip TransLink over faulty forecasts


Richmond Coun. Harold Steves is vice-chair of Metro Vancouver’s regional planning committee.

By Jeff Nagel – Surrey North Delta Leader
Published: October 07, 2012 5:00 AM
Updated: October 07, 2012 9:46 AM

TransLink executives took a battering Friday as Metro Vancouver politicians accused them of making so many faulty forecasts that their projections can’t be believed.

“How can we even trust TransLink knowing what’s happened in the past?” asked Richmond Coun. Harold Steves at a regional planning committee meeting where the latest transit expansion plan was under scrutiny.

TransLink has been forced to scrap 300,000 hours of bus service expansion it had planned and make other cuts after concluding it is hundreds of millions of dollars short of what it needs to deliver its promised plan over the next three years.

The big revenue drains include a $144-million drop in TransLink’s gas tax take from its 17 cent-a-litre levy and an expectation the Golden Ears Bridge will raise $38 million less in tolls from 2013 to 2015.

Steves and Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan both said TransLink underestimated how much operating cash flow the Canada Line would consume.

Corrigan said TransLink planners were also “badly wrong” about how many drivers would pay to cross the Golden Ears Bridge after giving assurances traffic volumes would be much higher.

“Now the expectations have been consistently reduced every budget and we’re paying more to deal with the Golden Ears Bridge.”

Corrigan said he fears the Evergreen Line to Coquitlam, opening in 2016, will also eat up more cash than expected because TransLink will have to ensure adequate feeder bus service to the SkyTrain extension.

He said another “time bomb” ticking in TransLink’s future is its obligation to continue the U-Pass service, which was extended to all post-secondary students last year under orders from the province.

That’s put much heavier demand on the bus system but an agreement where the province has provided aid to help cover the costs expires soon.

Corrigan said if the deal isn’t renegotiated, TransLink will be left “holding the bag” or forced to try to raise U-Pass prices.

TransLink’s plan includes a scaled-back launch of the promised Highway 1 RapidBus service from Langley over the new Port Mann Bridge. Instead of terminating at Lougheed Station it will only go to Braid and the buses will run less frequently than the promised 10-minute service at off-peak times.

Corrigan asked why the bus service doesn’t simply connect to SkyTrain at King George Station in Surrey, noting Vancouver-bound highway buses from South Surrey/White Rock were diverted to Bridgeport Station once the Canada Line opened.

“I have trouble figuring out how these kinds of choices are made,” he said. “Unless it’s the politics of ensuring there’s buses going across the bridge and the optics of the HOV lanes being used.”

TransLink strategic planning vice-president Bob Paddon said a third of the traffic over the bridge exits for Coquitlam and predicted the Highway 1 buses will be in high demand.

“Our analysis says we’ll have a lot of new riders,” he said. “It will draw from a market that’s not well served by transit today, that is quite car dependent.”

Paddon also rejected Corrigan’s claims TransLink staff haven’t done enough to fight for improvements.

He said TransLink advanced revenue ideas like a vehicle levy or road pricing that were ultimately blocked by the province.

“Unfortunately it has not been fruitful,” Paddon said. “I am hopeful we can get back to that discussion.”

Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese, who backs the Highway 1 bus plan, cautioned Corrigan not to dwell on the past.

“Our region’s in danger of stalling,” Froese said. “We’re not going to have the infrastructure in place as the population comes along.”

The committee isn’t endorsing TransLink’s new base plan, saying it doesn’t do enough to support Metro’s regional growth strategy.

It does recommend Metro’s board continue to push for new funding streams for TransLink as well as reform of its governance system.

Area mayors are expected to ask TransLink to give them a formal vote to rescind a $30-million property tax increase slated for the next two years.

TransLink would then have to spell out what services would be cut to make up the lost revenue and embark on detailed consultations that could drag into early next year, Paddon said.

Corrigan said he expects the cuts TransLink will table will be calculated to “drive the public crazy” and put intense pressure on the mayors to cave in and keep the tax hike in place.

“It’s an end game they’re playing, saying ‘We dare you to take this money away.'”



Oh … F*ck…..

The Metro Van directors  need to rent more fingers so they can point at more faults as the SHTF….

If one becomes a bit tuned into politics, one does not have to be a fly -on -the- wall to realize there are serious problems in behind the scenes.

This week I will post some rather interesting information re: the financial state of BC..which does NOT look good…..(actually how could it ?  ) Our Provincial Gov’t MLA’s, regardless of party affiliation, have abysmal tracking of their own  finances as our elected representatives….Is this their convoluted excuse?….ie “how does the public expect us MLA’s to worry about a Few $$$$Billion  here , and a few $$$$ Billion there , if we  aren’t able to manage our own office expenses ?”    



This is why I tend to wash my hands of most / all politicians…its like Pro – Wrestling…all facade and acting…but when it gets down and dirty……they are ALL the same whores at the public $$$ trough.

What we have here is a “Grand Transit Scheme”…but adjudicated by little fiefdoms aka approx. 23 Local Gov’ts…a recipe for di$a$ter. The party is over….the cheque needs to be paid…except its on the General Public’s acccount…not much different than a teenager telling their parents they crashed the family car  … to break the news?.


BTW: To date, I have still NOT paid my TransLink Levy  (ie approx $300)which as attached to my annual property tax . I never voted for a blank cheque, and I don’t give a rats -ass about how they interpret legislative empowerment, they have abused the process and created Unaccountable bodies.  I will push this issue to the abyss.

This is what we need…a mini “strategic ” revolution that sends a message Enough IS E-n-o-u-g-h. One suggestion is to tell parties to ” BOYCOTT ” this levy….because the Local Gov’ts will then have to dip into their coffers to cover it . If enough people do their due diligence and come to the same realization as me…these clown have a major problem on their hands

Simply ask yourself the question…..has _____________(ie such as TransLink) made your life better once imposed ,  the dust settles and taxes paid ?

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