Six sacked at ICBC, more could follow

Six sacked at ICBC, more could follow

By Alan Campbell, Richmond News October 2, 2012
The Richmond ICBC Claims Centre where six estimators have been sacked.

The Richmond ICBC Claims Centre where six estimators have been sacked.

Photograph by: Richmond News , File Photo

Six ICBC workers have been sacked from the Richmond claims centre and more could be on their way out after an investigation into their conduct.

The insurance corporation fired one of the estimators in March and another five last week at the Elbridge Way centre following a lengthy probe into claims that were being improperly processed.

A Richmond auto body shop, Hugh Autobody on Capstan Way, is at the centre of the investigation and has lost its ICBC accreditation as a result.

However, the News learned Tuesday that ICBC is still investigating and more employees may be sacked as a result.

Basically, the fired workers violated ICBC policies by approving repair estimates from an auto body shop over the phone, rather than in person.

ICBC policy requires a visual examination to ensure the approved auto body shop isn’t deliberately inflating the estimate.

“The investigation continues and there could be one or two more (firings) to come,” said ICBC’s manager of media relations, Mark Jan Vrem.

Apparently, an unusual amount of business was going to a very few number of businesses.

A member of staff is understood to have brought the matter to bosses’ attention late last year.

The RCMP was brought in at the very beginning, Jan Vrem said, but it’s “(the RCMP’s) view that this is very much an internal matter and they don’t see it as criminal.”

Jan Vrem said ICBC is now taking a closer look at their centres across the province to make sure the problem “is not systemic.”

Here we go again…..more corruption in another Public Sector ” company “.
I am  r-e-a-l-l-y   getting tired of this.
Forensically, let’s  dissect this a bit, shall we ?.
Having a  “single” rogue factor in any group is not a surprise….but a number of them ?
The way Gov’t works, my educated guess is that this issue was like a “pot of water” about to boil over….there were many complaints… they tried to keep a lid on it, but it became overwhelming..its the old ” WHOSE WATCH DID THIS HAPPEN UNDER ? “, now the cover-up and scapegoats.
(6) …count em ” SIX ”  estimators were fired ? How many are there TOTAL in the ONE ICBC Richmond branch ?  Let’s get R-E-A-L proportion,  that is a major conspiracy.  How do you get SIX people involved……its like a “virus of collusion” spread , and I highly doubt that the Richmond ICBC Branch is the only ICBC branch with this problem.
Increasingly, it  appears to me that there are parties in the Public employ that feel a combination of entitlement and immunity….to the point they will take their chances getting caught .
These parties are probably aware that there is no neutral auditing body or mechanism by design in the system to wave “red flags” other than via complaints. In other words, the accountability is  sloppy as hell.
The article doesn’t  overtly state it, but it is clear that there is a major financial conflict  (I mean really , what else motivates this, other than perhaps blackmail ?) ….either kickbacks …..or a vested interests at the tail end of the claim.
I highly doubt that the Private Sector would have allowed this to happen.This is another nail in the coffin of what is clearly becoming another expose’ of  “inmates running the asylum”.
As we approach Hallowe-en…..What O-T-H-E-R  taxpayer – funded horror stories are there out in the real world?
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