No call after 2 AM comes with good news.

No call after 2 AM comes with good news.

We are quite proud of our children, they are good kids,healthy,hard workers  and high achievers etc. We don’t have a tight leash on them, we want them to experience life and learn from it. The vast majority of these are positive.

On Sunday morning , after I got up……my wife mentioned that she was tired,having got a call in 2 in the morning to pick up our son and his friends. They had taken the Canada Line to Vancouver and enjoyed some night life ( and thus avoided driving and possibly DUI ….).

So,  they arrived home safely….

Or ?…….

The next day, it leaked out that my son had a very sore jaw…he had been punched in the face while downtown with his friends.

Now I want to hear the details.

By asking my spouse and my son(who was quite hesitant), what apparently happened was my son and his (3) friends had left a downtown club, and then (2) idiots came up to them, probably drunk. Words were exchanged and it looked like these (2) idiots were itching for  a fight. My son wasn’t interested, as he said it be (4) of them on these (2) idiots… aka not a fair fight and besides he had no interest in fighting anyway.. Then one of the idiots fires a bottle at my son, barely missing him. Then one of them punchs my son in the jaw.  Then, (2) of my sons friends take these idiots and beat the shit out of them.I guess they all then decided to leave.

I am quite pissed off on many fronts.

First of all, your childs safety and well being is #1 ….he escaped with a sore jaw. Secondly, he wasn’t interested in a fight, and tried to calm the situation down.

However, one of the best pieces of  advice my parents gave me was DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN A COMPROMISING SITUATION “ …..that covers a lot of things.

No matter how innocent one is or one’s intentions…don’t tempt fate !!!

If one is downtown, late at night, there is high probability that night creatures come out, y’know…doing things they normally wouldn’t do during the day amongst large crowds.

It doesn’t matter who is “right” or “wrong”….we’ve seen many sad stories over the consequences of such folly.

Probably another time for a lecture from old Dad…

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