Early Hallowe’en: ” Richmond plows ahead with Garden City plans “…the issue that rises from the Political Grave ( PART 3 )

Early Hallowe’en: ” Richmond plows ahead with Garden City plans “…the issue that rises from the Political Grave ( PART 3 )
Here is the staff report.
As should be clear..I like to cut to the chase. The GCL has had a long history…..it was bought by the Federal Gov’t almost 100 years ago, and has had an annual “Autumn” cycle of having its plant growth mowed downwhich is occurring as we speak. It has certain plant species that regenerate, but no ecosystem that gets established.
If one digs into the past GCL saga ….there are mountains of  existing reports, studies  that would answer any/all questions proposed in this NEW study. If not, then this would imply all those past reports / studies are not credible, and thus someone is being scammed. IMHO there is nothing on that Staff Report list that doesn’t exist in City Archives . To have  a private consultant do ANOTHER report costing $150,000 is a waste and a disgrace.
Bluntly stated….the City wants this land in its control . If it gains control you can be assured it will become another cash cow. In economic terms…the City paid over $400,000 per acre .  To the City, it has a value of over $3 Million / acre.  Why ? The City own policies have ratios of parkland per “X” population.  As it increases  the City Center density, the demand for parkland increases…..and duly recall the West Cambie area had a plan for a park near the North West corner of Alderbridge and # 4 RD, which it is bailing on…because it cannot afford it. Also note the GCL is directly South of this soon to be ex park.
Perhaps the strategy all along was to go through a token exercise to fullfill the Cities guidelines, then bail and do a run on the Garden City Lands .  Keep in mind that the West Cambie Park costs to City for approx 12 acres would be over $30 Million …..while it bought the 136 acre GCL for $60 Million.
( To be Continued )
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