Richmond…More Job Creating Commercial Land bites the dust

Richmond…More Job Creating Commercial Land bites the dust

I was out driving the other day and noticed another 4 ft X 8 ft “grave  marker”….aka the large Red Development sign.

It was located near the South West corner of Granville and Cooney Rd.  The application is for another 16 – storey Hi Rise residential unit, ( between the 7-11 and Value Village ).

Currently there are (2) one – storey Asian restaurants located on this spot. It appears that one has now been vacated. The location of a Hi Rise here will stand out like a sore thumb….but perhaps that is the objective…to “Block Bust”… to place these towers in spot fashion then infill with more later .

I am aware what the City has planned for Granville, South Side…. , from say Gilbert RD to Garden City Rd. to become Hi Rise,…meaning all those businesses that currently exist will eventually be wiped out.

Once this commercial base is gone…the tax load either shifts onto existing business or the residential sector will be impacted .  You lose the jobs they once provided, and end up with more condos that are bought by speculators and Greater Fools…and this added inventory simply depreciates the prices of existing residential real estate.

Why do they do this.????? ..the only reason I can submit, and have done so in past posts… is the short term cash flow to City Hall,….which seems desperate for revenue and will plunder any sites it chooses. This is NOT in Richmond Ciitzens best interests.


Ask yourself…is YOUR quality of life any better with this agenda ? Everything has its tipping point, and I think Richmonds’ was passed loooooong ago.

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