Early Hallowe’en: ” Richmond plows ahead with Garden City plans”…the issue that rises from the Political Grave (PART 2)

Early Hallowe’en: ” Richmond plows ahead with Garden City plans”…the issue that rises from the Political Grave (PART 2)
As stated,  the issue is effectively dead. The city exhausted all appeals. The only thing that could happen is if the BC Gov’t overrides the ALC, ……and grants an exclusion for the ALR. If that happens, without any “subject – to”  clauses then, then effectively the Garden City Lands (GCL) come under the City’s jurisdiction.
What “stinks” about this is all the indications that some back-room deal is brewing. As I have noted several times, all indications are that the current BC Gov’t will loose the next election in May 2013. ..in (8) months.
They know this,  barring some miracle. If your ship is sinking…then you look to the short term, and will use = abuse the powers you currently have….you don’t give a damn about the public…its time to start what was the real agenda…..catering to special interests, favours etc. are called in….just simply quicker .
Why would the GCL be considered a favour….what does it owe City of Richmond ? Its the bigger picture.
This was a classic case of the Mexican Standoff …when the original plan was for the CLC and the City to Joint Venture, but the Musqueam stopped the sale based on a new legal precedent……which was if any Federal land was deemed “surplus”, First Nations bands with claims in the area must be “consulted”. Note the term “consulted” …subject to interpretation(aka typical cowardly /ambiguous legal decision) .
I have read the documents, and effectively ALL that the courts (actually one Judge) ruled was that he could not release the Musqueam injunction on the land sale….the judge did NOT say the Musqueam owned it.
It was actually left to the Musqueam to determine if they were “consulted” to their satisfaction..hence open to a lot of abuse.
This was basically a stalemate that had to be negotiated amongst the City, CLC and Musqueam, and created the MOU. There was another agreement signed as well. Long story short, the Musqueam and the CLC allied  , and their advisors   drafted  a deal that literally put the City of Richmond over a barrel. The City was, in essence,  a partner , but the City (ie all Richmond Citizens) were placed in such a subordinate role and such poorly represented it was pathetic.  In their delusion and zeal they, the City, must have thought the GCL deal would succeed ie the ALC would approve it,… and the details of the agreement were irrelevant.
As we all saw….the GCL issue  was a circus, a disaster, but a perfect  example of how an arrogant and incompetent Local (or any) Gov’t can be exposed when they are placed in a subordinate role…implying that in most other issues they can bully their way through literally unimpeded.
( To be Continued )
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