Spingola Speak Guest: Al Benson, co-author of Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War and Lincoln’s Marxists.

As I noted earlier today, this is a highly recommended interview re: Abraham Lincoln
Click on the link below and scroll to the interview noted and play it.

Spingola Speaks 2012.09.24

Guest: Al Benson, co-author of Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War and Lincoln’s Marxists.

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As I noted earlier, Abe Lincoln has been promoted as one of THE greatest Presidents of the U.S…literally put on a pedestal
Why ?
Is it simply publicity ?……based on the fact that the intent did not exist then, and that peoples’ information was provided by the given media of the day…which implies it was ripe for slanted, biased  yellow journalism, whereby the public trust is abused.
As I previously noted, History is often inside -out and upside -down to what  the official version is versus ” The Truth “.
As Mr. Benson and Ms. Spingola note…the U.S., …in Lincolns’ day , was subjected to undue influence by socialistic idealogues who failed in Europe. One has to think “Zeitgeist”, the globalism of the day, and that all sort of ideas become rather fluid and seek the path and home of least resistance, and transgress all sorts of natural and geo-political boundaries if need be.
As I noted previously, the United States was actually comprised of little autonomous countries aka “STATES”, who were under a “then” umbrella of a protective Co-op…the” US Gov’t”, aka a security force whose role was to protect the autonomy of each and every state…hence the “United” States .
This is why I continue to preach that History is so important. Has the intended path/destiny  been maintained..or has it been hi-jacked ?.
As one listens to the interview, one can see that Lincoln and the North couldn’t  care less about the Slaves…it was used to camouflage a much larger agenda. This political trick is used constantly in various manifestations even today.. The goal was to consolidate power in a Central Gov’t , which was never the original intent of the “United” States.  This is what the Founding Father of the US tried to avoid, yet predicted would happen.  Central Gov’ts are then begotten , and often at the behest of Central Banks . Once power is consolidated , the roots of socialism ,and ultimately communism , are established. This can be  accomplished without bloodshed, but simply via citizens who simply , willingly or unwittingly , invest in misplaced trust to those who take full advantage to abuse the aforementioned. Such was the true legacy of Abe Lincoln.
In the end, the average citizen is simply a sheep to be fleeced and controlled.
Does this apply to Canada?….well isn’t it obvious this is  universal concept …..thus a global problem? The U.S. was one country that tried to remove the shackles upon its founding, but the vested interests have found numerous means via numerous traitors to replace the shackles on the US…… thus every country is fair game.
Again..a highly recommended interview !!!
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