FALSE FLAG: Breaking!! Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

FALSE FLAG: Breaking!! Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!




The above video has gone quite viral…….and has pissed a lot of people off.

Listen VERY carefully to this approx. (2) Minute speech.

This is a classic case of a policy wonk sticking their foot in their mouth, probably not old enough to be more experienced, careful and self -censor.

The General Public is far more attuned to Gov’t treachery and how Govt’s won’t hesitate to create “False Flags”  aka having failed  to bait the alleged enemy ” X ” into a war, they will create a situation whereby it appears the alleged enemy “X” attacked them, thus claim victim status and thus justifies a response. Its like someone wanting a fight…you turn them down….then they smash your car  windows..now what do you do ?     Or , a person wants to see (2) others fighting, so creates a situation where it looks like one of them smashed the car windows of the other…thus the personal war is on.

There is a classic saying that any “war” must have the given Gov’ts own Citizens support aka the People have to be SOLD on it…given war is never pleasant thing, as inevitably people DIE.

Remember the War on Iraq..how the US claimed Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD’s)…and the icing on the cake..that teenage girl who claims she witnessed babies being removed from incubators by Iraqi soldiers , and left to die……..and these were later exposed a LIES….but these LIES were used to Sell the War on Iraq to the US Citizens.

—–The speaker talks about WW2 and how President Roosevelt had to wait till Pearl Harbour

Bullshit…research will show that Japan was being manipulated via sanctions shortages(ie Oil embargos) and that it had no choice but attack ….BUT…. the US was fully aware of the attack weeks before it happened but let it happen.

—–The speaker talks about WW1 and how President Wilson had to wait till the Lusitainia episode.

Bullshit: More sabotage: At the time, the US was Isolationist, the US was not attacked  and had no desire to enter a war that was overseas.  The US Founding Fathers had specifically stayed that the US should never involve itself in wars that did not involve self defence. Now, as I have noted, Shortly after Wilsons adminsitration allowed the Federal Reserve to be created in 1913 …and  WW 1 was underway which the US entered. (aka Hint :  WAR IS VERY PROFITABLE..THEN and NOW)

—-The speaker talks about Vietnam  and how President Johnson had to wait till Gulf of Tonkin episode

Bullshit: The Gulf Of Tonkin was a staged event, it was self – sabotage by the U.S.

The speaker talks about Fort Sumter  and how Lincoln wa s forced to send in the troops

Bullshit: President Lincoln provoked this situation, the South was effectively attacked by the North aggressors,  which did not want the South to become independent.

Thus, this person making the speech has unwittingly exposed the tactics used to start wars that otherwise would never happen. The US has never been attacked (except by Canada way back in early 18o0’s )…and 9-11…..which the evidence clearly suggests was another  FALSE FLAG .

LESSON: Fool me once..shame on you..fool me more than once… not only shame on me, it can be deadly.

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