Smart Meters: Rural areas …(2) anecdotes.

Smart Meters: Rural areas …(2) anecdotes.

While out of town last week….

We have a property upon which I built a cabin, which also is wired for electricity, and thus has an electric meter.

I had  been notified by BC Hydro that they would be replacing the existing analog meter with a Smart Meter. Unlike my residential analog meter, which I still have ….and refused BC Hydro permission to replace, ……I thought I would allow a Smart Meter to be installed on the cabin for experimental purposes.

Suffice it to say, the annual power useage of the cabin is quite low….in fact  the main breaker panel is shut off for extended periods  aka ZERO USEAGE.  BC Hydro does charge a minimum flat rate .(ie I believe it works out to approx. $80 /annually).

Thus, if you follow my logic…I now have (2) reference points.  With the analog meter gone , I can now see what bills come in via the Smart Meter and Zero use.  The billing should be consistent , should it not ?   While we were up at the cabin we had about (3) days of power useage….ie Fridge. Lights…. Stove…so this will be another reference point, as Smart Meters should give me a a very accurate record of useage as per their promotion.(NOTE: I will post the results  once I get my bill .)

The other issue that now exists is if I will be started being charged a mimimum flat rate . I can “understand ” this when the analog meter was installed, as this still required a meter reader to read the meter. With Smart Meter, there is no need for a Meter Reader…so my minimum flat rate should go down correct?..or will BC Hydro maintain the status- quo ? This would be quite a profitable cash grab as the overhead (Meter readers) has been seriously reduced .   There are thousands of parties in similar situation, with part time use of seasonal cabins.

Also…..our next door neighbour was up as well , and he was telling me  his satellite dish  was having problems. He is quite a technical expert.  Without getting into technical discussion, he said the dish normally resets itself on a daily basis. However, since his Smart Meter was installed, he has had problems getting a proper reception on his TV.   Thus, the inference is that the Smart Meters signals can affect  satellite dishes.

Thus evidence of MORE collateral damage by Smart Meters.

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