Later today….”Pedestal smack down”

Later today….”Pedestal smack down”
I am increasingly coming to a conclusion that much of what is submitted as ” History ” is inside -out and upside – down.
We are fed  edited and/or fictional version/s, and much of it lacking in depth.  Much of the information is simply passed around amongst ourselves in re – hashing of stereotypes, old myths etc. and a rather shallow consensus builds. Life can get quite complicated, and we don’t tend to dig any deeper, because we all “agree”  and feel no need to dig deeper, because it doesn’t affect us…right ?
We’ve all been there.
Personally, I have been on a major journey of epiphany(and doing  a lot of UNlearning). Often this journey starts with a twist of fate, that leads you in a non status -quo direction, and then one literally becomes addicted to seek the truth. There is probably a common “foggy” zone we all share of daring ourselves to go further ? , what will we find out….? do we really want to know ?, being overwhelmed by information ? ….but I am at the point the fog has lifted long ago, and I am hungry for more…as things start to come together and make much more sense.
Some people feel History  is in the past…”dead”…can’t change…… thus look to the future. However, IMHO, History is a continuum it is tied to the past and future. It is like a Master Plan unfolding…..or like reading  a book.  Say the book is 300 pages….and you’ve read 175 pages..thus 125 pages to go . Do you try to forget the first 175 pages ? Of course not..its a “package”…its a crucial tie/link  to the remaining 125 pages.
The vested interests are the victors who do write “history”, or THEIR version of it, in the hopes the rest of it will take the surficial imagery and accept the sugar coated versions, if not outright lies.  I posted a while back an analysis of the Wizard of Oz…(.The writer did not intend for it to be a fairy tale…it was actually his symbolic expression of his disenchantment with the Political system of the day and his major disappointment in a promising political figure of the day ……who was portrayed in the story as the Cowardly Lion.)
Over the Summer, I went to a used book store and bought  a fascinating book about the Rothschilds, written in 1973. It was a fascinating read, as much of history was based on Rothschilds backroom influence throughout Europe for over 400 years.  They lent money ( via the usury system )  throughout Europe to various Gov’ts, often to fund military campaigns.  This shaped much of history from the backrooms…this is  a KEY to understanding the paths were are currently on.
The Party I wish to discuss later is Abraham Lincoln.  I think it is fair to say that if most people were to write down their knowledge of Lincoln…it would be he was one of the , if not THE most popular President of the United States, ie lead the country during the Civil War…Kept the Country together , and Freed the Slaves.  aka The perfect man for the times ….” a national hero “.
What If I said that THAT WAS ALL BULLSHIT,….
Stay tuned for more later today !
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