RICHMOND: ‘Unfinished’ Canada Line may get half million dollar makeover

RICHMOND: ‘Unfinished’ Canada Line may get half million dollar makeover

By Alan Campbell, Richmond News September 24, 2012
  • The ‘unfinished’ look to the end of the Canada Line at Brighouse station may be subject to a public art project.

The ‘unfinished’ look to the end of the Canada Line at Brighouse station may be subject to a public art project.

Photograph by: Photo Submitted , for Richmond News

Up to half a million dollars could be spent on beautifying the end of the Canada Line in Richmond.

As part of the City Centre Public Art Plan, the guideway after the Brighouse Station, which comes to an abrupt halt on the final pillar, could be subject to a $500,000 public art project.

Eric Fiss, the city’s public art planner, said the pillar is “unfinished and aesthetically unappealing” and would benefit greatly from public art.

“A significant public art project would transform the current ‘unfinished’ terminus into a creative public space…”

Up to $45,000 of a cash contribution towards public art from the developer of an adjacent housing project could be made available to the public art plan.

Fiss is proposing that city staff could meet with Canada Line operators InTransit to review how they could integrate any artwork onto the support column at the end of the line.

Fiss added that electronic components (such as digital screens, lighting and moving parts) could be included in the project.

Other means of funding for the artwork could also come from private developer contributions, the city’s public art reserve and via sponsorship.

“The Canada Line elevated guideway termination provides an excellent opportunity for a significant public art project at this important location within the city centre,” Fiss wrote in his report, which was due to go before city council’s parks, recreation and cultural services committee Tuesday afternoon.

“Staff will report back to council at a future date … and develop specific information on the proposed methods for artist selection.

There were no specific details as yet to what the public art on the guideway may look like.


If one is away for a few days, so much to catch up on. Of course, the more bizarre stuff stands out.

This one is right up there.

If you recall, after  a lot of fumbling and bumbling by Richmond Council re: Skytrain…..(and the Millions $$$ wasted on the old B – Line down # 3 Rd) , a gun was literally held to Councils head by more Senior levels of Gov’t to have them vote to approve the Canada Line.

Of course, it had to end somewhere…probably due to lack of funds. As we know, it ends just North of Cook Road.

As the photo shows, the ” end of the line”  is comprised of a vertical support whose top has a horizontal beam on top of its Northern end…implying that at some future date the South end of the vertical support will one day begin the start of the next phase of the Canada Line.

I vividly recall just prior to the opening of 2010 Olympics  a City Crew working on a Sunday nite to attach a Canadian Flag to the end of the Canada Line to dress up this ” bald spot ” .

I was also present at City Hall several months ago when some Council Members were “concerned”  about this lack of aesthetics at this aforementioned bald spot.

Now, I see that  this issue has created such dire concern that the City is now looking to spend up to $ 500,000….. HALF MILLION DOLLARS…… to dress up the Canada Lines ” butt – end ” ?

Does anybody seriously care ?

It is just a spot in Richmond, Big Deal….

Perhaps envison this “butt – end” as some “abstract art ” ?

The main point is, again, a serious detachment from reality aka respect for our tax dollars has been replaced by this blank- cheque  ” Kids -in- a -Candy -store” City Hall mentality who believe in the Golden Goose

The way I view it…and assuming the average household pays approx $2,000 annually in property taxes, paid in after tax dollars,….that “boutique plan” , whimsical fashion fetish by City Hall to dress up Canada Line’s  butt end would require 250 households (X’s $ 2000 ) to fund.Even then, it would be temporary if Canada Line should expand. Or, more bluntly,  I am not aware of any protests by the grassroots citizens that even remotely indicate anyone gives a sh*t about this butt – end of Canada Line.

I work on the premise of a few basic indicator – parameters. Is City Hall taking care of business as per its CORE historical mandate, …or not ?   I have long preached that City Hall is out -of -control,(the evidence is beyond overwhelming) it has reached a tipping point that it no longer serves us..we are now being controlled and milked by this ever – growing UNaccountable tumour.   You have a top -heavy bureaucracy that has cast the Council under its spell and both of the aforementioned have united to fool us citizens that all is well ….everything is under control. (aka famous last words)This same overpaid City Staff is simply treading water to try to keep their jobs…dreaming up more projects and empire building. That’s all this really is, IMHO.

Unless , We, the citizens, wake up and soon, and take charge, we will all be seriously SERIOUSLY screwed. The tsunami of financial disasters at Local Gov’t levels  around the world is a growing one….and IMHO, we are in all probability one of the worst , not the kind of “World Class” one wishes to be a part of.

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