Another day on Planet Earth ( PART 2 )

Another day on Planet Earth ( PART 2 )
Now, this party was,  I’m guessing,  in his mid – 60’s, and I am in my early 50’s. He had a white goatee and large sunglasses…… like an old biker type.
Amongst the neighbourhood, people describe him as hermit, weird, aggressive, aka asshole….  He has a tall wood fence around his property, which stands out like a sore thumb in a rural area. Its about as rude and unneigbourly as one can get.
So while I am working and wondering if he will return , an RCMP vehicle shows up.  Out steps a young RCMP Officer and  I guessed it was about the Fire I had . ( To be honest….we have traveled to this area for decades, and never heard of a fire ban this late in the year…usually they are in place in July and August. We saw no postings to this effect. )
The Officer was very polite and diplomatic, and asked me about the fire…then asked if I was aware that there was a Fire Ban. I said “no” . He said there was one, and that there are regulation about the size of fires….(ie smaller ones are allowed, and that not being aware is no excuse etc etc.. He said that it was broadcast on the radio and in the local papers ( which to us was irrelevant because we are not locals ). Regardless, I am very careful and am always present near the fire and never let it get too big.
Then I asked him if it was a male that had reported my fire, and he said no, it was a female. I asked if he was dispatched from his detachment ( about 25 miles away )  but he said he was in the area. I then thought…..GOOD this is perfect…I then  seguayed to informing the officer of the threat this person uttered to me. I told him where the person lived with description of home , vehicle and the individual (ie about 10 properties away around the corner).
The Officer asked for some info…then left to talk to this a-hole neighbour, and said he will be back. Then, soon after another police cruiser drove down the road…(I guess to act as back up…you never know).
I basically went about my business, kept burning, but raked the fire into a tighter circle. My strategy was that if the Officer was going to issue a ticket…I would ask for him to stand by fire and take a picture with my camera which I had…….” for evidence “. ( I could play this card later if need be ).
The RCMP Officer returned, and we discussed the (2) issues……aka (i) My Fire and (ii) My neighbours threats.
The Officer said the neighbour admitted the threat, but said he was ” frustrated “. However, this neighbour said he won’t engage me again.  I told the officer I appreciated it, as in my view, the Officer was also conveying a message TO the neighbour  that I don’t take threats lying down, (aka Don’t dare F*cking threaten me), and am fully prepared to use any all means to defend myself proportional to the threat……deadly force if need be.
Then the Officer discussed the Fire…( which had sufficiently died down ) and was again very diplomatic , just a polite advisory to be careful and keep an eye on it . Then he left.
So..the lesson is…be fast on your feet.   I had considered filing a complaint upon my return to the City…but in a strange convoluted turn ” lemons into lemonades”….a blessing, the situation now worked in my favour. This neighbour with their big mouth and violent threats to me a stranger over a minor issue and insulting one’s intelligence, reminds one of  mad dog, unpredictable. Can you imagine someone doing that to you ?
If the neighbour had never threatened me, the issue would have been just ” Me and my Fire”. However, it ultimately became an interesting advantage. 
The fact my fire attracted the RCMP was perfect in these circumstances, given the time lapse between threat and RCMP showing up  was approx. 30 minutes.  Imagine this person’s thoughts upon seeing an RCMP officer in his driveway shortly after uttering a threat ….he must have shit his pants .  These types, which I am sure we have all met…need to be neutralized ASAP….he is now on File as uttering threats…..and will learn to shut his big mouth…he sounds like a loose cannon bully, but a coward, as he never returned to follow through. This may actually save his life….for parties like him eventually cross paths with less patient people who will go after them and beat the sh*t out of them …..or worse.
Regardless,  Problem solved …..message sent.
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