Another day on Planet Earth (PART 1)

Another day on Planet Earth (PART 1)

My spouse and I went out of town for a few days and ” roughed it “. We have a property that needed some TLC, so I spent some time with my weedeater and chainsaw cleaning up the grass and getting rid of dead trees etc.
The weather was just beautiful , temperature in the mid – 20’s Celsius, and the nearby lake was still warm enough to swim in. What we call an ” Indian Summer” …a delayed autumn.
I had approx. 3 full days to work, and planned accordingly.
I would cut the LOONNGGG  grass ie 2 ft. tall, ( more like ” hay ” ? ) first  and let it dry out.  On the 3rd day, Sunday, I would burn the dead grass and other material, like the trees and branches. The property is full of trees, and requires a fair bit of maintenance to clean up each year.
I’ve done this for years, and kind of enjoy it….this type of disposal is legal in these rural areas.Dumping is not feasible..the nearest dump is 10 miles always.
I stared burning about 1 PM, and my spouse assisted me.
We stood guard and watched the fire, making sure it didn’t get to big, as the fire was strategically located in the middle of a large clearing.
The majority of the pre – cut matter had been burned, and is my strategy, I would then target other material to cut and then immediately throw it on the fire…ie a one – step process.
There was a local ( year – round resident ) that drove by frequently prior to my fire…and we nodded hello each time.
However, at about 4 PM, and my spouse had left….and the fire still going, I was near the front of our  property , and this party drove by and I again nodded hello as he drove past.
Then he drove approx. 50 ft.and then shifted into reverse. I assumed he wanted to talk about _____????.
He started to talk and I wasn’t quite clear about where he was going with this.
Then he started using a few choice four – letter words…and uttering vague threats.
So I am thinking ….WTF ?
Then he started talking about  Fire Ban, accusing me of about to start a forest fire….but in a ranting threatening mode…not even remotely diplomatic.
Then he uttered a threat and drove off…then I yelled for him to come back .  He then reversed again, more aggressive yapping, then said he was going to ”  drop off his dog ” and then ” come back to lay a licking on me ” .
Now, I KNOW where HE lives….as I said he is a full time resident. I don’t think he knew that.
Suffice it to say, IF he came back, I was fully prepared…..
( To Be Continued )
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