Lady Michèle Renouf on Deanna Spingola (A GREAT History lesson)

Lady Michèle Renouf,on Deanna Spingola

Spingola Speaks 2012.09.18

Guest: Michèle Renouf, the producer of the film, Dresden Holocaust 1945: An apology to Germany is due, talked about the predatory nature of the Jews. She also talked about the genocidal bombing of Germany.

Her web sites are:

Deanna’s site

News Page

Official chat room


Lady Renouf is an awesome guest….who eloquently discusses factual history.
She was on Spingolas show earlier this week for (2) hours, I found in mind blowing.

You can click on the link above , scroll through the list,  and play the archived audio.
Ms. Spingola is an awesome historical researcher,but Lady Renouf filled in some amazing details.
I highly recommend this interview.!!!!
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