How we handle the ugly truth..or do we?

Architects and Engineers for 911Truth

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out:AE911Truth (Full Film)


Excellent documentary I may have noted before,

I would highly recommend the portion @1:54:30.

It discusses the psychological impacts we have when our world is turned inside out and upside down and how we try to resolve and cope with the facts and the truth, especially  via denial.

It discusses a major hardwiring we have…denial etc of certain things/epiphanies that wreak our illusions and the comfort zones we each create in life to deal with the truth and cold had facts.

It applies to a lot of things in life, we have all been there.

Much of what I write does exactly that, it provides an opposing view and fact based conclusions  of many things we assumed were true. It can be much more upsetting than fiction.

IMHO, we are a point in histroy where we best prepare oursevles for a lot of shock surprise and possible outright horror.

Forewarned and PREPARED = Forearmed

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