A timely quote: Trauma :Belief systems, Fence of Denial etc.

A timely quote:From Gangster Out Blog
NOTE:The Topic is a viewing of a 9/11 documentary
” The third phase of the movie was something completely new. They brought in a team of psychologists specializing in trauma and grief. They explained that the reason many people adamantly refuse to look at the evidence is that it disturbs their world view. They compared a person’s belief system or their world view to their idea of their home. Showing pictures of a cross stitch home sweet home and a house with a white picket fence, they explained that if you attack someone’s world view they feel as though you are attacking their home, what makes them feel safe, and they will instinctively fight to defend their home or in this case their world view. Even if it defies the evidence.

It reminded me of the saying never tear down a fence without knowing why it was put up.

People often build fences of denial to protect them from having a breakdown. Tearing that fence down before they are ready can be harmful. Yet not doing so can result in the loss of even more innocent lives.
One psychologist talked about the grief she experienced when her world view was crushed by the 9/11 evidence. She said she had to go for a walk and really process the hurt and grief she felt. I think it was am amazing film and recommend people watch it. Despite the raging insults, I still believe 9/11 was an inside job and that concerns me deeply.
IMHO there is little , if any credible evidence, that 9/11 occurred was reported, or that it was NOT an inside job.
Of course, each of us have our comfort zones, its part of being human and part of our survival instinct.
However, IMHO, I find that while the truth can be ugly, once you open a few doors, the rest becomes much clearer. In other words you no longer fear the truth, you become addicted to seeking it. The world is getting to be an increasingly smaller place all the time, the sooner we engage in critical thinking and UNlearning…the better off we will be collectively and individually.
BTW: Here is the movie:

AE911Truth Experts Speak Out

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