Battle of the Sexes: ” Anatomy Lessons “

Battle of the Sexes: ” Anatomy Lessons “

I came across a good web site that lists documentaries.

The list was rather long…then I came across one that really stood out. I thought it was going to be rather pornographic,  but it was rather tastefully done. It linked to another video on the same general topic.

Ultimately,  I have watched them both.

Now , in my early 50’s, one can harken back to those good old days of the “Battle of the Sexes” ……THEN versus NOW. IMHO, I am glad I was born then and not now…it’s like (2) different planets. The dating game and the courtship and the marriage game has certainly had a lot of rules, or lack thereof , changed . Back in my day, we had quite a few High School romances that lead to long -term relationships aka marriage. In our little group, the vast majority of those married have celebrated their 25th ….even onto their 30th….. anniversary.

One blog I like to read is Henry Makow’s . His view is that the “feminist movement” has destroyed relationships between men and women. He admits he was quite the lustful  party, but realized it was a path to a dead end.

Do I agree ?  Well, they are most certainly different than my younger days. It all depends on what one wants out of a relationship, or lack thereof.. I recall a discussion with a teacher I had and really respected . He was about 10 years older than me. He had gotten married, and said he felt he could just as easily have married someone else. His mate was  a matter of fate, building a strong and lasting relationship from the ground up with one’s partner. What he was saying was that both parties find common ground, that initial attraction, yet both are like” lumps of clay” , but grow together and fine tune each other. I never forgot those words. aka A relationship does not start out with (2) finished products .

Unfortunately,  the vibes I get is that many parties nowadays have these expectations….and that life allows you to engage in a smorgasbord approach, keep trying till you ” Get Lucky ” and/or  met Mr. or Mrs. Right. My view is that one has a very short window to find ones “Better Half”, and it should not be frittered away. That day comes so fast when one wakes up and says ” Where did all the time go ” ?

I have (2) videos to post…and I feel I will do ” Ladies First ” …… a convoluted way

Here is the First One…..

My Penis And Everyone Else’s

NOTE: Comment on this more tomorrow

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