Real Estate : ” What Difference 6 months makes” Part 2 September 2012

Real Estate : ” What Difference 6 months makes”  Part 2  September 2012

Gord Goble – A Glimpse Of Our Future?

These photos from Gord Goble, following up on ‘South Surrey Building Blitzkrieg; Thoughts and Images’, March 2012. Gord writes: “I took a little time late this afternoon to grab some more pics of the crazed (and horrid) construction going on in my insane little neighbourhood (and the telling signs of a real estate bubble pop). Pretty eerie. A glimpse of the future.”
Sombre images. Many thanks, Gord.




See ……what a difference 6 months makes.

A booming construction site then ….now looking like a deserted war zone.

Even the “big boy developers”  can get caught.

These instant subdivisions can be like hi rise condos….built quickly…overwhelm the market with volume…, and could end up as ghosts towns.


Finally….when the market tanks, its almost a given re: shoddy workmanship as they try the finish the given living unit as a race against a collapsing market.

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