TRANSLINK: Escalating fines unveiled to fight transit cheats

TRANSLINK: Escalating fines unveiled to fight transit cheats

By Jeff Nagel – Surrey North Delta Leader

Updated: August 31, 2012 4:04 PM

Transit fare evaders will face higher fines down the road if they refuse to pay their tickets for being caught without proof of payment in a fare-paid zone.

TransLink on Friday unveiled escalating fines that start at the same initial level of $173 but will now climb to $213 after six months and $273 if they’re unpaid after a year.

The province this year gave TransLink authority to collect fare evasion fines after Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom vowed to fix a long-running enforcement gap that let scofflaws ignore their fines.

Now TransLink will have the power to send unpaid fines to a collection agency and ICBC will refuse to issue or renew a driver’s licence or vehicle insurance to customers who owe unpaid fines.

“It allows us to enforce fares a lot more stringently,” TransLink Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey said. “The people who pay should not be subsidizing the small group who don’t pay.”

Previously, fare evasion fine collection was the province’s responsibility, but the tickets were going into a black hole, with ICBC, for example, not doing anything to spur payment.

As a result, most people who were handed tickets never paid them and about $4 million in unpaid fines stacked up each year.

Transit Police last year issued 57,000 fare evasion tickets or nearly $10 million worth – more than in most previous years – and the force has continued to step up fare enforcement this year.

Until now Transit Police were the only officers who could issue fare evasion tickets, but under the new rules Coast Mountain Bus Co. transit security officers will also have that power, extending more fare enforcement to buses.

TransLink will also keep all money from fine revenue – previously it went to Victoria.

TransLink is also opening a new website at for riders to pay fines, dispute tickets or appeal decisions.

Fare gates are also being installed that will next year bar entry to the open SkyTrain stations without proper payment.

Past audits have estimated four to six per cent of transit riders don’t pay their fares, resulting in a loss of $18 million compared to total fare revenue of $412 million.

Kelsey estimated the fine collection system cost TransLink $1 million to set up and will take $500,000 to $750,000 a year to run.

He expects the revenue from paid fines will more than offset the expenses, giving TransLink a net increase.

But he said it’s possible more people will end up paying to ride and that fewer fines will be issued.

“Some of it may just disappear into people paying their fares,” Kelsey said. “So we won’t know. If it drops significantly that’s actually a good sign because it turns into fare revenue instead of ticketing.”

Since an estimated 30 per cent of fare evaders don’t have driver’s licences, Kelsey said bill collectors should help and the province has indicated it could withhold certain government benefits in extreme cases.

TransLink might also seek to ban known offenders from the transit system, he said, although he said it’s too early to tell how that would work or if it would be pursued.

“None of these is a silver bullet,” Kelsey said. “But it absolutely helps strengthen us and give us tools we didn’t have before.”

The changes take effect Sept. 4.



Another reason that ICBC should be dismantled…

ICBC was originally set up to be, or allegedly, the 1972 NDP Gov’ts solution to price gouging by Private auto insurers.  There was supposed to be a net benefit to BC residents, including young drivers who actuaries deemed as higher risks.


Our personal experience with ICBC is rather boring….I have a spotless record re: claims for 35 years….and we achieve the maximum discounts. aka ICBC makes money off of us…we are not  a liability.

However, given NDP Gov’ts are inherently ” Big Brother”….does that mean we the citizens should simply roll over and accept it ?

The NDP claims ICBC is working because it has survived for almost 40 years. No,  the fact is,  NO Private insurers wish to replace it because the 1972 NDP Gov’t crossed a line….if Gov’t did it once…it can do it again.


Given that, without a miracle,  ICBC is here to stay. However, it appears ICBC has also evolved into a $$$ trough for its employees, its executives and the Gov’t off of OUR premiums. The BC Gov’t skims profits off ICBC to fund general revenue..when ICBC should be at arms length , independent  and thus break even. Or if ICBC did not exist, Gov’t would not have such a revenue source and thus far more transparency.

Several years ago, moving violations ie  violations of the Motor Vehilce Act (ie not bylaw offences )issued by Police were entered into the ICBC data bank. You could not get insurance from ICBC if you had such unpaid fines. However,…. what connection does that have with auto insurance?  Isn’t that based on your record of claims ? ICBC is thus the Mafia goon enforcer……revenue generator for the BC Gov’t.

Same with AirCare…what has auto emissions got to do with what insurance is all about as described above ie “liability” versus “maintenance”?


Now..ANOTHER arm of Gov’t tentacles, Translink, fighting for BC biggest White Elephant award…has successfully lobbied for ICBC to be its mafia goon.    Now, recall Translink was warned long ago about its system was prime for fare evasion, which was ignored.   Now, the majority of people are honest, but a few media stories of how easy fare evasion is has embarrased the Translink incompetents.

Now several million $$$ later, Translink  put in a system to reduce fare evasion. However, Gov’t is a strange beast,……….it equates “fine revenue”  like it is THEIR money and if it is not remitted it is like it was stolen ? wahhhh !!???

So now Translink and its overpaid staff  will make its own umbilical connection to ICBC ” the publically owned insurer” to grab more cash. They likely never perceived that many of the fare evaders probably can’t afford the fines nor have a vehicle. However the Big Brother bureaucracy grows and grows..and I am quite sure another Gov’t bureacracy will lobby ICBC to be their Mafia goon collector as well.  As we speak Local Gov’ts are also trying to get ICBC to be their goon for UNpaid parking tickets etc. Even if every ticket issued was paid, I highly doubt that would trickle down to lower Translink  levies on our taxes.

Whichever way you slice it…if it goes to Gov’t ..its a tax…

A lesson for all of us when we allow these types of Gov’t creatures to exist without accountability and turn into Frankenstein.

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