“Battle of the Sexes” = a War against us ALL ?

Battle of the Sexes =  a War against us ALL ?

I’ve had this topic on my mind a while….and the time comes to actually follow through with the topic.
One thing more difficult than learning is UNlearning.
As one of the last generation of the  Baby Boomers,  I grew up in an era that saw and experienced radical changes in society. Being at the tail end may have been a hidden blessing, combined with my own hard-wired programming to never follow the crowd like a lemming….sort of the “show me /prove to me ”  independence.
Our youngest finishes High School next year GRAD 2013, so a whole new phase of life unfolds for us.
Now, one can do a lot of reflection and things can be come much clearer. The dots get connected and the missing puzzle pieces fall into place. There were times when one would wish to go back to a certain time and place. However, as one gets older, I never wish that, as  one would miss the natural cycle which allows one to appreciate where one has been, is now, and whatever the future holds.
This cannot be taught, it has to be experienced. many parties feel that in the afterlife…that sort of wish to know everything will be accomplished, wait till then. It “may”, but I think that much of that knowledge is achievable by each of us if we try to UNlearn and dig for the truth, and not accept what we were lead to beleive.
Once things bottom out in society, the finger pointing starts.
War is pretty much a constant in history, but it does not necessarily equate with armies and bullets. It can, in fact, be a long drawn out war  right under our very noses by clever and patient adversaries who do NOT have our best interests in mind, in fact the exact opposite.
I will provide food for thought and comments…simply choose ,digest  and debate as you see fit. What I wish to submit is the premise that if the evidence of one agenda is stronger that an agenda society had  presumed /assumed etc…how would you feel ..and even more importantly…. react?
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