SMART METER : Subject: Intrusive meter update Aug. 31

SMART METER : Subject: Intrusive meter update Aug. 31

1) From a member in Nanaimo:

My daughter was at a medical clinic the other day and chatted with a patient there. He said he was from Parksville. He opted out of the meter, had a Corix installer visit. He turned him away. He was then visited by Corix again with someone who lead him to believe he was with the police. He turned them away again. Then he received mail from Hydro saying if he did not accept the meter, his power would be turned off. He then succumbed to the new meter.

This is why it’s so important that the “Open Letter to BC Hydro” is circulated in as many newspapers, handed out as flyers, etc. People need to know they do have legal rights. This Corix person impersonated a police officer – which is illegal – and lied. The threats are without merit – the bullying is reprehensible.

2) Statement State Delegate who attended the hearing in Maryland:

The Testimony that I Heard Only Confirmed that Smart Meters are Dangerous, Intrusive, and Have a Tendency to Break and Overheat” by Del. Glen Glass – The Dagger – August 29, 2012:
– http://

3) No wireless system is secure. We keep telling the government, but they aren’t listening. Please send this to your MP and MLA, and ask them to get involved.

4) Reminder:  The annual Victoria Labour Day Picnic sponsored by the unions in BC will be held Monday, Sept. 3 in Irving Park, Michigan and Menzies, 11am-3pm. The  Coalition will have a table there with flyers and information. We have about 6 confirmed but it would be good to have others to help. It’s free, there is free food and fun for the kids. Flyers are being printed. Need a couple of cardtables and some people willing to talk about smart meters. It would be good to know who is coming – but if you just show up we’d love to have you. Bring a sweater, the wind off the harbour can be chilly.  If you have a table or can help out, please contact Janis at

We the citizens own BC Hydro. This is tyranny.
My view is they cannot shut off your power…..that is coercion…the Smart Meter device is NOT a replacement is a spy device that emits RF with a function that also records power use…..the analog meters never did this.
The official deadline is DEC 31 2012. ..approx. 4 months ….
We need people to quit capitulating and to challenge BC Hydro…call the Police , let them sort it out….have it on video ,  YOUTUBE it etc.
You can expect BC Hydro to start a ramp up on the installations(… report says approx 250,000 customers have refused them ….).thus we can expect a lot of ugly confrontations over the next few weeks.
Don’t be a coward…stand up to them….secure your meter.
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