SMART METERS etc………grizzom.blogspot

SMART METERS etc………grizzom.blogspot

I have come across the WebSite listed below
They post links to various media if you missed the original broadcast……they have links to RBN hosts like Deanna Spingola.
If you missed yesterdays SMART METER discussion with Jerry Day….it is archived on this site…click on the site scroll below .  Here it is “cut and pasted”.

Spingola Speaks 2012.08.28

Guest: Jerry Day

Jerry Day talked about digital meters, also known as Smart Meters. He elaborated on the security and health issues. He provides preventative measures on his web site for those who do not yet have these meters. On his other site, he provides significant help for those who already have a meter on their home. His web sites are:

 Deanna’s site


 Listen    Download

Mr. Day is a film-maker who has done a lot of research on SmartMeters , and I thought this interview yesterday was par excellence ! One can listen to individual experts, with all the dry technical language, but a person like Mr. Day is a lay person like the rest of us who takes the information , cuts through the crap, gets to the point ….and makes it very easy to digest and understand.
Please pass it on !
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