SMART METER: ***** ALERT !!!!!!! ********BC Hydro Mop Up….

SMART METER: ***** ALERT !!!!!!! ********BC Hydro Mop Up….



Approx. 3 PM today, I received a call from a BC Hydro rep.

Like many of you, I have refused a Smart Meter , and have a NOTICE posted on my meter refusing consent to install one , have sent e-mails to BC Hydro as well.

The conversation started off abstract….with a brief discussion acknowledging my past concerns.

However this quickly seguayed into an announcement (which I clarified ASAP)  that BC Hydro will be in Richmond to complete the Smart Meter installation.

If you recall, Richmond was one of the first cities to have the Smart Meter installed, thus it seems logical to assume BC Hydro will return to Richmond first…and then other Cities. According to the REP, they hope to finish the Richmond installation within 4 end of September 2012.

The REP was polite..but I stood my ground, and said the legislation states installation by DEC 31 , 2012..and that if I am the LAST person in BC to have it installed… be it……which of course allows more time to delay and stop the installation.

I suggest you state the same right.

I did glean some extra info….which is that BC Hydro will be installing collector stations via the original plan.

In my neighbourhood, the collector station will be approx. 1/2 mile away.

I am going to suggest physical barriers around your analog meter….but SPREAD THE WORD…time to recall ” Forewarned = Forearmed ” !!!!

I will keep you updated…..

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