Metro to seek electric car charging sites

Metro to seek electric car charging sites


Metro Vancouver’s Echo Lin prepares to plug an electric charging cable into a Tesla roadster at a recent electric vehicle demonstration event.

Black Press file photo
By Jeff Nagel – Surrey North Delta Leader
Published: August 28, 2012 1:00 PM
Updated: August 28, 2012 1:55 PM

Metro Vancouver will coordinate the development of a network of electric car charging stations across the region.

A $75,000 provincial grant will allow the region to hire a consultant who will work to find private land owners willing to host the proposed 75 to 150 highly visible charging sites.

Metro board chair Greg Moore said the aim is to locate them at places like malls, theatres and tourism destinations.

“Making charging stations visible and accessible will build confidence in electric vehicles and will promote clean transport and clean air,” he said.

A handful of public charging stations exist in Vancouver but advocates say a broader network is needed – especially in areas where drivers tend to park for long stints – to reduce owner anxiety about running out of power and encourage more people to buy electric cars.

Actual construction of the charging stations – at $4,000 to $10,000 each – would be split by the private sector hosts and the provincial government, through its $2.74-million Community Charging Infrastructure Fund.

Metro applied for grant money on behalf of 14 local cities to avoid duplicating efforts. White Rock, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are not among the communities that are partners in the initiative.

The regional district also plans to build six to eight of its own publicly accessible electric charging stations in select Metro Vancouver regional parks.

Pacific Spirit, Boundary Bay, Caplilano River and Burnaby Lake regional parks are among those Metro planners have discussed as potential charging sites.

A second grant from the province covers half of the $64,000 construction cost.

While four to six hours is needed to fully charge an electric vehicle’s battery, an hour or two typically provides enough of a top up to travel another 20 to 40 kilometres.



Much can be discussed and debated…but I will focus on a few things .

First of all….WHY is Gov’t getting involved in this ?

I do believe there is a personal discretion option to buy an electrical  vehicle and also wire one’s home so as to charge the same vehicle .


Until proven otherwise, I usual go with me “Go Green Gaia Cult “, perhaps best summarized as ” “political prostitution” meets “blind dogmatic environmentalism “

Or…why isn’t private industry solely funding this ?

Is there going to be free power….or…? My understanding is this supply grid/system works best at night were there is not peak demand for power.

Unless technology has radically changed….all batteries have limited life spans, lose their charging capacity and need to be replaced.  On top of that, one has a recycling problem of spent batteries. 

Much more to consider…..perhaps discuss later.


IMHO, this is simply a cheap photo opportunity  and another  false hope distraction so people don’t hold them more accountable on much higher priorities.

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